1,000 posts. We’re only just beginning!

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This is your 1,000th post from the BerryBunch.

And, well, we thought we should mark this in some way, so here we are!

On 19th April 2020 we published our very first post titled, simply, “First post of the BerryBunch.family blog”.

And, since then, we’ve grown from the odd video, to regular output including Sunday PLUS, Andy B 2 Minute Videos, Family Prayer Time, Marriage MattersEndurance, Jo’s blog posts, Story Time with Dave the Dog and Little Blessings Online, books and more.

In our Archived Broadcasts you can find some of the broadcasts that we’ve now stopped producing as we have developed all that we do including Something 4 Sunday, Something 4 Sunday LITE and all sorts of resources including Skits & Dramas, Scripture Readings, Gospel Messages and more.

A little history seems valid

When Covid hit we changed direction – from being full time children’s ministers, to Jo working full time. All that so, in Jo’s own words:

“Andy could focus on running the BerryBunch online ministry”.

Over the next 16 months we changed the look of the website a few times, with the most recent change accommodating the fact that almost every post is a video post – our latest website design is designed with exactly that in mind. We hope you like the new look and it should be much easier to use and navigate around!

Andy and Jo have always loved serving God together, and the BerryBunch is the latest way they can do just that. But, it is definitely a family affair with every single one of the family involved operating the camera, sorting the microphones and lighting or sitting at the computer.

Everybody has something to do, and you’ll see each one of us in front of the camera for the different things we do.


Andy B loves writing and published his first book in Spring 2022, selling copies all around the world, which was very humbling. Broken Dreams, and Hope! Was something Andy had been asked to create by a good friend in Nigeria.

The comments that came in from that first book were so very encouraging, as it reached hurting people, with the hope that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Andy B has been utterly blown away to see his book in the hands of people in the USA, UK, Italy and Finland (ok he gave a Finnish family a book, but that still counts right?!?) and more. The truly humbling part was the number of people who wanted to buy multiple copies of the book so that they could give them away to people they meet – as the Holy Spirit leads – to bring hope into those people’s lives.

His next book is nearly ready for publication, and he’s now busily working on a third book – this one is off the back of Marriage Matters, weekly podcast, that Andy and Jo produce.

The future

As a family we’ve taken a little pause from our regular output after finishing filming episodes at the end of their regular season runs – for quite a few different projects. However, we’re getting ready to start filming new seasons of these, with some changes, as ever, as we grow with what we produce and keep things fresh and relevant.

Our heart and passion

We love serving Jesus and our whole passion is producing video resources that are not just biblically based, but also suitable for the whole family. Our motto is simply this:

For Free, For All.

June 2022 figures and statistics

We’d love it if you felt like you wanted to support the costs of our ministry, and stand with us for the Gospel – you can donate to us, but please do pray for us as we continue to shine a light in the darkness of the internet with our video creations!

We never charge for the material we produce through our website. It’s all available for you to use in your situation – whether that is home church, your family quiet times or a church service. And more!

It costs to produce free material, so if you want to help us we’d be most grateful.

We also came up with a vision that ties everything we do together too:

BerryBunch family vision, 2022, static image

Here’s a brief word from each of the BerryBunch


It’s, honestly, been a privilege working on BerryBunch. It’s always tempting to give up when we can’t get stuff to work as we may want. But, underneath all we do, is a desire to serve God with the gifts, talents, resources and skills He has given us. As a family that means creating video resources which are freely available for all and we love what we do.

andy b square, portrait
jo square, portrait


Wow, 1,000 posts, it doesn’t feel like it! I enjoy being involved with BerryBunch and so the time flies when you are having fun! It is good to work with my family on something we all believe in together – Team Berry! I look forward to our 2,000 mark and more. The great thing is that all the posts are always available, and we just keep on building, going from strength-to-strength God willing.


Working on the Berrybunch, these past two and a half years, has offered the perfect opportunity for me to explore the giftings that God has given me and get a glimpse of God’s calling in my life. All while serving Him.

steven square, portrait
nathan square, portrait


It is a marvellous achievement for the BerryBunch to have produced one thousand posts. It came from small beginnings, but it is now a wonderful ministry that has influenced many people over the past couple of years. My contribution to BerryBunch has mainly comprised providing technical support and operating the computers and cameras (or proofreading Andy B’s books). Through my various roles, I have been able to learn a great deal and improve what skills and talents I already possessed. I hope you are blessed by what the BerryBunch has produced so far, and what is produced by us in the future.


Can’t believe we’ve made it this far. It is amazing that we have made a thousand posts. We’re just getting started!

peter square, portrait

Thanks for being part of our journey so far. Here’s to the next 1,000 posts!

Andy, Jo, Steven, Nathan and Peter – the BerryBunch!

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  1. Mary

    03/07/2022 at 13:27

    Congratulations!! Your family is an inspiration. You have had many stumbling blocks, setbacks, possible creative blocks and costs. I believe many would’ve quit but you all kept your heads down and pulled together; kept your eyes closed and hands raised to the One who strengthens and guides. You obeyed His calling and blessed many far and wide! I too believe you’re justing getting started!!
    God’s blessing on each of you.

  2. Andy Brown (andrewbrown100)

    04/07/2022 at 10:13

    Congratulations on this huge achievement! Praise God for all he is doing in your lives, and well done on all of you for following him faithfully.

    As I write this, I get the sense that you are only just beginning! You and your family will do great things for the gospel of Jesus Christ. God bless each and everyone of you

    • BerryBunch.family

      04/07/2022 at 10:18

      Thanks Andy

      It didn’t seem important when we turned to 900 posts, or even 950.

      As we grew closer it didn’t seem especially important – just another number.

      And then, actually quite unintentionally, I went to create a post and noticed we were sitting at 999 posts…..

      …..and we couldn’t just skip past that

      It’s good to mark events sometimes.

      Andy B

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