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We are on a few different social media platforms because of BerryBunch.family. But our absolute favourite BY . A . MILE . is DingDash, created by the wonderful folks behind Back to Jerusalem.

Back To Jerusalem
Back to Jerusalem – Carrying Fire Into The Dark

DingDash is about making Dings (Dings and Dashes comes from the way letters were made in Morse Code) – when you reach 1,000 Dings (interactions), you get a little change to an icon that accompanies your profile – it changes to a little Ninja!

As we got nearer to our 1,000th Ding, I started to get a little nervous about what I’d want to be that 1,000th interaction; that 1,000th Ding; that move to Ninja status and our next post or conversation.

I spent quite a few hours wondering and pondering but, in the end, completely forgot about that mini-milestone, and simply shared the latest episode of Endurance at that time (Season 2, Episode 5 – all about Keeping it Pure!).

And that was that.

Our icon changed to a Ninja – and we reached our 1,000th Ding.

Happy Chappy
Happy Chappy

But how often do we forget to mark the milestones in our lives, some, may I suggest, even more important than reaching your 1,000th Ding?


Milestones were literally lumps of stone that marked how far it was to this place or that place. They were important and we have them everywhere today too, although the detail is better, because modern milestones may well tell you how long until reach the next junction, or how far to the nearest service station on a motorway.

And this year my wife and I will reach, God willing, 25 years of marriage and we’re planning on marking that milestone by launching a video podcast together about marriage (you heard it here first 😉 – more details to follow on that one) because we want to celebrate all the good of the marriage that God ordains for a husband and his wife to enjoy!

Marriage Matters with Andy B and Jo Jo

Smell the Roses

Alan Titchmarsh is a much loved, British TV personality, particularly well-known for his gardening skills, as much for his soothing voice. And I will never forget him showing off his own garden – on air – and, in that very British voice, reminding people both politely and firmly, to make sure we, too, also stop to take time to enjoy the gardens we’ve been cultivating and working on.

Literally, he was telling us to “stop and smell the roses”!

Smell the Roses!

Six day weeks

God gave us a perfect pattern of work and rest, which included the sometimes illusive, 7th day of rest; a day set aside for Him; a day that is supposed to look very different from the other 6 days of a working week. (sorry if you thought a 5 day working week was a biblical model 😉 – it isn’t!).

As Christians, we have come a long way – whether we have been walking with God for a few minutes or 80 years. Because we have travelled from the road that leads to hell, to the road that leads to heaven – and there is no greater distance-difference, that is more important or significant!

Maybe yours was marked with a baptism like mine. Or perhaps being able to share your own testimony to others or speaking in tongues.

We will NEVER make a bigger step in our lives than that step of faith in Jesus Christ, because it is a distance we will never be able to make on our own. Only Jesus could have made it possible, when He died and rose again on a cross, a little over 2,000 years ago.

As human beings we will have good days and bad days.

But it is so worth stopping to smell the roses of our successes – because the voices of our failings are always pretending to be louder and more important and more numerous…..

God took the time to admire all He had created; the journey over those six, 24 hour days, when He took nothing and made into the greatest something ever known or seen.

Learn from other people’s failures

There are countless numbers of ministry folk from all around the globe, involved at so many levels and types of ministry, who have utterly failed in their ministry, because they allowed their service of God to become a god. In their wake are marriages ruined, lives destroyed, families split apart, an abundance of confusion and so much more that simply doesn’t need to be!

Let’s make sure to remember our place in this world as it is – that we are here today gone tomorrow, like the morning mist that vanishes.

And that isn’t depressing – it’s incredibly liberating to realise how much we can do with God, when we are carrying out what He is asking us to do – even if we aren’t doing something we may feel has earthly value…if it is what God is asking of us, then it is already of spiritual value, and that is something that exceeds all valuations, because we already exceed all valuations when we have decided to follow Jesus Christ.

Let’s do it

So let’s make the differences that makes the most differences – by checking in with God frequently, so we’re ensuring we’re building His kingdom and not our own. In so doing, we’ll never exceed His protection over us or, be in a place of unnecessary exhaustion. Because when we walk with God, at His pace, along the paths He has for us, we’ll always have what we need to keep going – “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

That doesn’t mean life won’t get exciting though! Let’s not forget the many who’ve died before us, sharing the good news of Jesus.

And let’s learn to savour the good times; to smell the roses; to take 5 and relax – and keep God in our sights so we don’t rush ahead of Him or lag too far behind Him.

The alternative is constantly looking down at what our feet are doing, and missing the glorious vista of God’s creation around us!

We lost our daughter when she was 11 weeks old in the womb. I cry pretty much every year, because I miss the little girl I never got to hold. But she taught us to make the most of the days we have. And part of that is stopping to smell the roses in the gardens of our hearts that we’re cultivating with Jesus.

Andy B

PS And if you’re not on DingDash, you should be, so come join the Revolution!

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