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In Andy B’s 2-minute videos, among other things, Andy talks about Record Players and Joy.

Hot Dogs feature in Family Prayer Time as Peter and JoJo pray for America.

And It’s A Family Affair in Marriage Matters, when Andy and Jo look at affair proofing your marriage or not.

Coming Up

Why Easter? Find out what it’s all about with the BerryBunch.

And as if that was not enough, we have the Easter Story with Dave the Dog who goes on an Easter Hunt and JoJo tells the Gospel in an Egg Shell!

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The BerryBunch


So, welcome to another 60 Second Update with the BerryBunch, one day early because it's Easter weekend

And in case you've missed it, we've had Andy B 2 Minute Video yours truly looking at Record Players and Joy.

And we've had Marriage Matters, It's A Family Affair where Jo, and I, took a look at Affair Proofing your marriage. Is it something we should be doing or is it not?

And we've also had daily, Family Prayer Time, where Peter and Jo prayed for hot dogs otherwise known as the USA.

And coming up we've got lots of exciting Easter videos for you, which you may already have seen. We've got Why Easter? answering the question, what's Easter all about? And we've got Dave the Dog, as ever, looking at an Easter Egg Hunt, Easter In An Egg Shell.

And if you want to keep up with all we're doing, then sign up to the Berry Byte Newsletter on our website,

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