In Case You Missed It

Andy B has been moving videos to Vimeo - Better quality visually and no adverts ever!

In Andy B’s 2-minute videos, among other things, Andy asks us to be looking in the real world rather than the virtual world.

And be encouraged by our weekly Testimony on #TestimonyTuesday!

Coming Up

Andy and Jo look at friendships in Marriage Matters – Friend or Foe? Are your friendships good for your marriage or not?

And for Family Prayer Time JoJo and Peter use architecture to help them focus on their prayers, what do you think they used to focus on praying for France?

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The BerryBunch

0:01 This is your 60 Second Update, from the BerryBunch, across all that we do.

0:06 And in case you've missed it, we've, Andy's been very busy moving the videos across to Vimeo, so you got better quality images and no adverts ever.

0:16 Andy also has been doing his 2 Minute Videos, and he's talked about how we need to be looking at the real world, not the virtual world. And we encourage you with more Tuesday Testimonies.

0:28 Coming Up, we have Marriage Matters where we looked at Friend or Foe. So we're looking at friendships, whether they're good or bad.

0:35 And Peter and I are in Prayer Time for Families, we looked at architecture, and I wonder if you, what you could guess we used for France.

0:45 And of course, if you want to stay up with all that we're doing with BerryBunch then sign up to Berry Bytes, our weekly newsletter.

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