60 Second Update, Issue 12

In Case You Missed It

Andy B – Keep checking with the real world

Andy B is keeping it real in one of his 2-minute videos – looking at the real world and the virtual world. Andy B advises us to stay in the real world and not the virtual one!

Endurance – Adaptation not Justification

In the Endurance episode, Andy B, Steven, and Nathan focus on ‘Adaptation not justification’ and what this looks like in our spiritual lives.

#TestimonyTuesday – A Sudden Answer To Prayer Part I

And #TestimonyTuesday – gets A Sudden Miracle, Part I – a miraculous answer to prayer fast!

Coming Up

Sunday PLUS – Proverbs 2

In our second Sunday Plus episode, we look at Proverbs 2 – learning more about wisdom and applying it in our lives.

#TestimonyTuesday – A Slower Miracle, Part II

And #TestimonyTuesday shares a second Sudden Miracle, Part II – Another quick answer to prayer, but a little slower than last time!

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The BerryBunch


So, another 60 second update from across the BerryBunch.

And In Case You Have Missed It we have got Andy B 2 Minute Video, yours truly, looking at checking in with the real world. Not getting too lost in the virtual world.

And we’ve also had TestimonyTuesday, a sudden answer to prayer. A miracle, Part 1.

And we’ve had Endurance, justification, no Adaptation, not Justification.

And coming up, we’ve got more awesome stuff, including TestimonyTuesday, Part 2, a slower answer to prayer.

And we’ve also got Sunday PLUS Proverbs 2.

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