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In Case You Missed It

A Brief Pause with Andy B

Andy B publishes an image and quote to help you take moments to pause and hush during your day.

Family Prayer Time Composers

Jo and Peter lead us in some prayer. This time they use the idea of composers to help steer our prayers.

Marriage Matters – Work Hard, Play Hard

Andy and Jo tackle holidays. What does the Bible say about them and how should we deal with them in our marriages?

Coming Up

Endurance – Tactical Retreat

Steven and Nathan help us consider the idea of a Tactical Retreat, and whether this is something we should ever consider. They ask the question what would Jesus do?

Andy B 2 Minute Video – Goldfinches and Hedge Trimmers

Don't panic - no birds were harmed in the making of this video! Actually, quite the opposite because there's a hedge with some goldfinches nesting in it, in our garden. We're leaving it be, and not using our hedge trimmer near it.

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The BerryBunch

So, here's your 60 Seconds Update from across the Berry Bunch and lots going on. So, In Case You've Missed It, we've got a brand new thing, by me, called A Brief Pause With Andy B. A small image I share at the start of the day that you can share, and reflect, and pause on, throughout your working day.

We've also had Family Prayer Time where Jo Jo and Peter look at composers, as a hook for prayer.

And we've had Marriage Matters, Work Hard, Play Hard, where Jo and I look at the idea of working and holidaying, and where does that all fit in?

And, if that's not enough there's more, because, Coming Up we've got Endurance, where Steven and Nathan look at Tactical Retreat, Tactical Withdrawal. What does that look like? Did Jesus do that? What are we supposed to do about that.

And more Andy B 2 Minute Videos, including Goldfinches and Hedge Trimmers. It's not bad. Don't worry!

And, as ever, if you want to stay up to date with all that we're doing sign up to the Berry Bytes Newsletter on our website,

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