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In Case You Missed It

New Series – A Brief Pause with Andy B

Andy B publishes an image and quote to help you take moments to pause and hush during your day.

Endurance – Do as I say not as I do, season finale

Steven and Nathan discuss hypocrisy, exercise, faith and life.

Family Prayer Time - Composers

Jo and Peter lead us in prayer. This time they use the idea of composers to help focus our prayers.

Coming Up

Marriage Matters – Let’s Get Physical, Part II

Sex in marriage has become a 4 parter. Here's Part II, with Part III also coming up soon!

Andy B 2 Minute Videos

As usual, in two minutes Andy B, gives us some encouragement and wisdom. Just a thought!

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The BerryBunch


Here is your 60 Second Update from across the Berry Bunch.

In Case You've Missed It, we have a new series by Andy B. It's a Brief Pause. You get a photo and a quote to help encourage you all day.

Endurance, season finale, Do As I Say, Not As I Do. Sounds like there's some hypocrisy in that one.

And Family Prayer Time, Composers. I feel like I want to be a conductor. Check that out.

And Coming Up, Marriage Matters, Get Physical, Part II. That's all about being intimate in marriage. And, also, there's a Part III coming up after that and more Andy B 2 Minute Videos.

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