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Andy B 2 Minute Videos

Andy B 2 Minute Videos are videos, made by Andy B – me – that are 2 minutes long. I take the ordinary, and with my trusty crow bar, create something that will cause you to think, and reflect – on your life, your relationship with Jesus and the world.

There are plenty of them, so go check them out.

Coming Up

We’re back to filming again, after a short break as Seasons naturally came to an end.

Marriage Matters

But, look out for Marriage Matters on Saturday evenings with yours truly, and my wife of 25 years – Jo.

We talk about all things to do with marriage in the world today, drawing from 25 years of being married, in order to encourage you in your own!

We keep it real, so expect honest conversation and chat in this podcast, a few laughs along the way and cringe factor set to zero.


Endurance comes back too, with some big changes to the line up as we enter our 5th Season.

Tune in on Sundays, from 4pm, when Nathan and Steven – who both enjoy exercise – make the ordinary into something extraordinary to help you live as Christians, taking simple topics, and seeing what the bible has to say about it.

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The BerryBunch

Here's your 60 Seconds Update from across the BerryBunch.

And, In Case You've Missed It, Andy B 2 Minute Videos. What are they all about? Well, I take a video. It's 2 minutes 59 or less, hence the title, crowbarring the ordinary, into normal situations to help you think.

Now Coming Up, we've got Marriage Matters and Endurance.

Marriage Matters is something that Jo and I do. It is a podcast, and a video every Saturday, from 4 o'clock, where we look at marriage. To encourage you in yours, using the life experiences of our own 25 years of marriage.

And Endurance is your weekly spiritual workout. And I'm very excited about this because it's a brand new format. We've completely redesigned how it's going to look, and work, and function, and we hope you're going to get excited by it too.

And, as ever, if you want to stay in touch with all that we're doing across the BerryBunch, sign up to our newsletter, called BerryBytes, at

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