60 Second Update, Issue 2

Avatar The BerryBunch | 02/02/2022

In Case You Missed It

60 Seconds is all it takes to make sure you've not missed out on any of our posts, videos and resources - or exciting events we've got coming up.

It's been a while, so we cheated, so think of this more as your 60-ish second update.

Little Blessings Online

We're making some really exciting changes to Little Blessings Online, with the introduction of Toilet Roll Tales, to help Dave the Dog out, who will, of course, be back for more Story Time with Dave the Dog.


Endurance will be back - if you want some encouragement in your walk with God, check back soon for more enduring words.

Marriage Matters

After a rather unintended pause, well be back with more episodes of Marriage Matters, starting with our 25th Wedding Anniversary, Special Celebration.

Coming Up

We've got lots of new material coming your way real soon!

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The BerryBunch

0:00 So, think of this as your 60 second update.

0:02 We started doing 60 second updates on a regular basis, and we got as far as 1. Which wasn't quite what we were achieving for!

0:10 However, here's your 60 second update!

0:13 Since we've last spoken to you through this, we have moved house. We have got a brand new studio setup may not look all that different from your perspective. From my perspective, I'm not speaking into a wall next to my nose, which is really quite exciting. We've got more room to breathe. So, that's really excellent. And the good news was the move went really, really well.

0:32 We've got lots of stuff that we want to keep on doing through BerryBunch. We've got Marriage Matters. We've got a really exciting episode that we couldn't quite do, because we had to stop doing Marriage Matters, because we had COVID. And then I went to hospital for a cardiology visit, which I stayed overnight. So, Marriage Matters kind of got on hold. But, we're going to come back with it. We've got a 25th anniversary celebration episode, already written and ready to record.

0:56 We've also got coming back Endurance, in the future very, very soon. We're going to start writing material for that.

1:01 And, Little Blessings. If you like Little Blessings, total grip online, we've got some big changes to that. It's still going to be here. However, we're bringing in toilet roll tales. I'll let that hang in the air for you. So lots coming up. We've missed doing this stuff. We hope you missed us. We'll be back very very soon with more and more stuff.

1:20 Have a great day.

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