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Endurance – I’m Fine (S05E001)

Steven and Nathan were back with a new season of Endurance – your weekly spiritual workout – now with a difference. Steven is the one to take us deeper and with Nathan’s helpful questioning, they both look at why we say “I’m Fine” when we are not, encouraging us to be honest with others, ourselves, and God.

Family Prayer Time – Psalm 1 (S02E001)

And Peter and JoJo are back with more Family Prayer Time, this time praying through the psalms and starting with Psalm 1 which tells us about what happens to the Wicked and the benefits of being righteous! As Jo says prayer is communicating with God which requires talking and listening and if you think about when we read the bible we are listening to God – to God’s word.

Coming Up

Marriage Matters – What’s the Big Deal? (S02E002)

Andy B and Jo will kick off their new season with the importance of marriage because marriage matters! As Andy tells us matters of the marriage matter because marriage matters or words to that effect!

#TestimonyTuesday - A Moment with Our Creator

Testimony Tuesday is real life experiences of God at work in people’s lives and we have another awesome testimony of God’s involvement in the daily life of someone to encourage us in our own lives. God is good, so we share what he’s doing and if you have something to share then get in touch.

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This is your 60 Seconds Update from the BerryBunch, right across.

And, In Case You've Missed It, Steven and Nathan started back a new Season of Endurance and they were looking at how we always say "I'm Fine", and encouraging us, actually, to be honest with ourselves, with others, and with God.

Peter and I started back with Family Prayer Time and we started in the Psalms, at Psalm 1, looking at what happens to the wicked, and what, what happens to the righteous.

And, Coming Up, Marriage Matters is back are looking at the importance of of marriage.

And we will have a #TestimonyTuesday. What's it about? What's God doing in your life? Send us in what's happening, that would be fantastic.

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