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In Case You Missed It

Endurance – Danger Zone (S05E003)

Steven and Nathan discussed stepping out of our comfort zone and taking those risks that God may call us to take. After Steven took us deeper in GoDeeper Nathan asked him some hard questions. In the end they both helped us to understand what it means to step into the “Danger Zone.”

Marriage Matters – Love Hurts (S02E003)

And B and JoJo took a look at Hosea 3 as they covered some rather hard-hitting and difficult subjects.

A Brief Pause with Andy B

Andy B has provided much wisdom and encouragement with his brief pauses, short and sweet and give us plenty to reflect on throughout the day.

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So this is our 60 Second update from The BerryBunch.

And, In Case You've Missed It, we've had Endurance, Episode 4, where we looked at The Danger Zone, kind of following the Lord's leading into taking risks.

We've had Marriage matters, Episode 3, titled Love Hurts, which is where Andy and Jo look at Hosea 3, and cover some pretty hard hitting stuff.

We've got A Brief Pause with Andy B, where Andy looks at, sorry, where Andy gives encouragement and wisdom each day. Kind of a brief pause for thought.

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And that's your lot!

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