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In Case You Missed It

Endurance – Timing is everything

Steven and Nathan look at timing in life, challenging us to trust in God’s timing, even if it does not agree with our preferred timing.

Marriage Matters – It’s gone Pear-shaped

In this episode, Andy and JoJo discuss how to create peace and harmony in the home despite things going pear-shaped. They encourage us to keep going through those difficult times in the knowledge that God can redeem our trials.

I am a Secret Agent for the King of Kings

In this post, we talk about how we were miraculously gifted with a new computer for the BerryBunch Ministry.

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And here's your next 60 seconds update from across the BerryBunch.

Andy 0:05
And In Case You've Missed It, we've had Endurance where Timing is everything. Steven and Nathan take a look at the importance of timing, of God, of patience, of wisdom.

Andy 0:14
We've also had Marriage Matters, It's Gone Pear Shaped, which was Jo and myself, looking at another podcast episode of Marriage Matters. When things go wrong, what do you do?

Andy 0:25
And if this was not enough, we have, I am a Secret Agent for the King of Kings. Which is all to do with an amazing miracle, that someone gifted us a new computer for our video editing, which is awesome! So you can go and check that post out.

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