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Coming Up

Konnect Radio Show – Family Focus

Andy B and Jo start a Brand-New show on Konnect Radio called Family Focus. The Radio show starts on 4th September and will air every Sunday from 4 pm – 6pm.

Dave the Dog Show – Dave unleashed!

It’s true – Dave the Dog has his very own show! And with the help of JoJo, Dave will provide fun for all the family! In the show there is Storytime and Art time and Dave, in his own inimitable way will lead us through! Dave is funny and can get side tracked, so JoJo will be there to stay on target!

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Jo 0:00
This is your 6 Second Update from across the BerryBunch.

Andy 0:04
And we've got some, well, two pieces, of very, very exciting news, which we wanted to share with you right now. And one of those is Konnect radio. Now they reached out to us quite a long time ago and said, would you, and Jo, be willing to start a brand new radio show? And we said, yes!

Andy 0:20
So. Sundays from 4pm till 6pm, on Konnect Radio, we're going to be doing Family Focus, Jo and I. And we're really excited. So, you can go check that out. And you'll be able to listen to us every Sunda,y from four to six, on Konnect Radio.

Jo 0:33
Yeah, and if that wasn't exciting enough, we have another show. starting with Dave the Dog. He's gonna have his own show!

Andy 0:39
Dave Unleashed.

Jo 0:40
So, you know, what can happen? We don't know! But, he's gonna do Art time and Story Time.

Andy 0:45
I'm sure it will be fine.

Jo 0:46
Sure, absolutely. But I'm gonna be there to help him. So yeah, two great things coming up for you to see

Andy 0:52
Konnect Radio, and Dave Unleashed.

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