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In Case You Missed It

There's just one topic of conversation in this Issue of 60 Seconds, as Jo asks Andy B about his latest book - out last week.

It's called Just a thought... and is available to buy on Amazon in paperback or eBook formats.

Grab a copy, your favourite mug, some biscuits and let Andy B warm up your brain as he shows you how the ordinary moments of life can help teach us much about our spirituality; our faith.

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Jo 0:00
This is your 60 Seconds Update, from across the BerryBunch. But it might take a little bit longer 'cos we've got exciting news. In Case You've Missed It Andy B has launched another book.

Andy 0:10
That'll be me.

Jo 0:10

Andy 0:11

Jo 0:11
What have you got?

Andy 0:13
Broken Dreams, and Hope!

Jo 0:14
That was your last book. What was your new book?

Andy 0:16
Oh, so you mean I've got two books out?

Jo 0:17

Andy 0:18
So you can get 2books for Christmas. There ya go. There's a thought are. Broken Dreams, and Hope! My first one is all about the fact that in life stuff goes wrong. But, whatever's going on, there's still hope!

Jo 0:27
And the next book?

Andy 0:28
Is nothing to do with that. I have to be honest, it's got a very cool, funky, yellow cover with a green frog. And this is a green screen. So, you know, if that does funny things then don't worry.

Andy 0:39
It's 47 chapters that are all super short to get your brain working in the morning.

Jo 0:43
Fantastic. And we've got someone who's already bought the book.

Jo 0:45
"I got my digital copy tonight for $6. Hey, that's what you pay for a fancy coffee at Starbucks. 6 bucks for the hot flavoured water? No, thanks. I'll sit down instead with a steaming cup of Earl Grey and the latest offering from Andy B. I'm already up to Chapter 5 short chapters are perfect for squirrels like me."

Andy 1:05
Sounds good that book, dunnit.

Jo 1:05
Yeah, it does doesn't it.

Andy 1:07
There you go.

Jo 1:07
What's it about?

Andy 1:08
So it's about blending the ordinary elements of life with faith.

Jo 1:12
Oh, wow.

Andy 1:13
So how is the handle of a rice cooker for a microwave linked to our faith?

Jo 1:18

Andy 1:18
There's a chapter on that. Or, what else is in there? Giant spiders that are not.

Jo 1:23

Andy 1:24
And then we've got tape measures that get broken 'cos we should listen to instructions. So it's taking normal situations in life, and how does it apply to faith?

Jo 1:32

Andy 1:33
But here's the thing, if you buy one of these you help support the BerryBunch ministry. Because it's really really cool.

Jo 1:38

Andy 1:39
So we have to pay for stuff you see. That's life.

Jo 1:40
Yeah. So that's a great way to support BerryBunch, by buying Andy B's books, which have had a good review already.

Andy 1:46
Yes, I haven't even, this isn't even a real copy. This is a proof copy and I've already got a review in the book. So that's how good it is.

Jo 1:52
Yeah, fantastic.

Andy 1:53
I'm not very good at talking about myself, you know, when you try and say that someone's good. But I'm already told it's good.

Jo 1:59

Andy 1:59
So that's encouraging.

Jo 2:00

Andy 2:00
And you can support the Ministry too.

Jo 2:02

Andy 2:02
Which is always really cool.

Jo 2:03

Andy 2:03
So, if you want to know what else is going on in the world of the BerryBunch, you can check us out on all the social media. And sign up to the Newsletter, then you'll never miss a thing.

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