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Coming Up

BerryBunch Programmes are back! After a month of all sorts of other projects for the BerryBunch, our regular schedule is back up and running.

The only exception is Marriage Matters which will return in the New Year - with some exciting changes planned.

Dave Unleashed also returns in a couple of weeks with Story Times going out weekly anyway - because we use those in our Konnect Radio show every Sunday between 3pm and 6pm (UK time)!


In the first episode of this new Season of Endurance, Steven and Nathan begin by looking at Celebrating Progress and what that means to us in our physical and spiritual exercise.

Family Prayer Time

Family Prayer Time kicks off (albeit in a lovely gentle way of course!!) with a Season of prayers from the bible. Jo and Peter begin with the most most well know of them all - the Lord's Prayer.

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[00:00:00] Steven: So this is your 60 Second Update from across the Berry Bunch. And we're now backup and running with all our usual stuff. So we have Endurance coming up this weekend.

[00:00:09] We've got Family Prayer time coming up and at some point we've got Dave Unleashed and in the new year we'll have Marriage Matters with, you know, sort of a fresh cove paint as it were.

[00:00:19] Nathan: Hmm. We also have a new book, which was recently published, written by Andy B.

[00:00:24] It's called, Just a Thought. There's a very lovely forward written by the Reverend Johnny Douglas, a good friend of ours. And, really, it's 47 chapters where Andy B somehow takes the most random of objects and situations, and brings out of them a biblical principle, and helps you to think about God in the most ordinary of circumstances.

[00:00:46] Steven: Cool.

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