60 Second Update, Issue 7

Avatar The BerryBunch | 23/03/2022

In Case You Missed It

Testimony Tuesday – God at Work

Jo talks about how she brings God into all she does in her working life.

Marriage Matters – 25th Anniversary edition

In this special edition, Andy and Jo look back at 25 years of marriage and the Highs and Lows. They reflect on some of the things they’ve learnt, and the wisdom they’ve discovered through their two and a half decades as husband and wife.

Coming Up

Family Prayer Time

Jo and Peter show us how to pray as they consider the country of Italy, with a pizza in front of them to help them focus on the matter at hand!

Endurance – Honestly I’m Fine

Steven and Nathan lead us a we consider why not being honest with the other Christians we meet, especially in church, is such a bad idea. We need to use some wisdom to know who we can safely say what to. But, church is one place where being real truly matters.

Book release

Andy B has been beavering away since September 2021 writing a book, with an accompanying video and audio podcast, all around the topic of Broken Dreams, and Hope! He gets raw and real as he looks back over his life and the many broken dreams he has had to live with, or without! But, he also focuses on how – through it all – there was always a hope which could not be quashed, and that that hope he had through the hard times has a name. That name is Jesus!


We’ve already got another #TestimonyTuesday Blog post ready to go. Do you want to submit your own testimony for #Testimony Tuesday - Contact Us if you'd like to do this.

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The BerryBunch

0:01 So, it's time for another 60 second update from the BerryBunch.

0:04 And In Case You Missed it we've had Testimony Tuesday, God at work, which is Jo talking about making sure that God is involved in all she does in her working life.

0:13 We've had Marriage Matters, 25th Anniversary, Special Edition, Highs and lows where Jo and I looked at our marriage of 25 years, and all the good stuff, and bad stuff that's happened too.

0:24 And even more is to come. Because Coming Up we've also got Family Prayer Time with Jo and Peter praying for the country of Italy.

0:31 And we've got Endurance, Honestly, I'm Fine. The importance of being honest with people at church.

0:36 And the most exciting thing coming up is Broken Dreams, and Hope! My very brand new book, coming out on Friday 25th of March, on Amazon, via paperback or Kindle edition.

0:48 And if, as ever, you want to keep in touch what we do Sign Up to the Newsletter on the website, www.BerryBunch.family, Sign Up to the Newsletter and you'll never miss any important news.

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