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Andy B and Nathan have been working hard on the website for the past couple of weeks. They have given it a fresh look; they’ve updated the videos, reorganised the navigational systems, and much more. Go check it out at

Coming Up

Andy B 2 Minute Videos

There will be more of Andy B’s 2 Minute Videos for you to watch, packed with challenges and encouragement for your day.

Also Coming up

You can expect another of Jo’s weekly blogs, where she takes a scene or quote from the Lord of the Rings and uses it to convey a powerful Christian message.

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The BerryBunch


Welcome to your 6 Second Update, from across the BerryBunch.

In Case You Missed It, Andy B and I have done a great deal of work to the website. We've updated all the images, refreshed the theme, and made it, hopefully, far more easy to use that you can access all of our different resources as easily as possible.

Coming up, we have more Andy B 2 Minute Videos, as well as A Brief Pause with Andy B, which is basically a scripture verse, or a quote with an image, for you to reflect on during your day.

And of course there are Jo's blogs, based on the Lord of the Rings themes, or quotes, which basically teach us really good, Christian, moral principles, which we can learn a lot from.

And then, of course, if you want to keep up to date with all that we produce, you can sign up to our newsletter, Berry Bytes at

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