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Hello to the BerryBunch community from the BerryBunch! I hope this finds you well and if you’re enjoying any of our material!

It’s about time we updated you on what we’ve been doing, as well as some upcoming projects, and some news, and even more news besides!

So hello!


Updates and Changes

We’ve made quite a few changes to our website lately, including a new look Home Page which is more in keeping with what we’re doing – inspired by our oldest son. We hope it more accurately shouts about who we are and what we do!

When we started BerryBunch, more than a year ago, we didn’t know we’d be doing what we’re doing now. Although we’ve loving it, keeping the website functioning around that has certainly been a fun challenge!


At this point we’re using our newly acquired green screen all the time, and think it has created a much better look to all we do. And at the time of writing, we’re two thirds of the way through Series 2 of Endurance and Season 4 of Little Blessings Online.

We’re also super excited about Dave the Dog agreeing to get involved with the BerryBunch – joining in with Story Time, and Andy B has ben working hard refreshing some old nursery rhymes, with much loves tunes – by writing and adding some more up to date lyrics.

At the suggestion of a dear friend, we’ve made all of our regular broadcasts even easier to find – just look for BerryBunchTV.

We’re also regularly updating our How we do what we do! page, so if you’re interested in how we actually go about making our videos we list all of the things we use. and do, to make everything come to life.

Andy B was honoured to be asked to write a guest post for a fantastic website – Devotional Treasures, and made some new friends over there. You can read a version of that post right here.

We’ve also invested in some more microphones, to make everything sound better. but also, because Andy B was spending an inordinate amount of time having to edit, and clean up the audio tracks we were creating. Now, that isn’t a problem and he can breath again!!

Coming Up

We’ve hinted at some new projects coming up in the future, including Marriage Matters – which will be Jo Jo and Andy B celebrating 25 years of marriage, and talking about their experiences to help and encourage others in their own marriages.

Marriage Matters Advert: Real Life - Real Talk #KeepitReal
Real Life – Real Talk #KeepitReal

This is going to be in the form of a video which we’ll post on our website, our YouTube Channel, our Facebook Page and our Instagram TV page as well.

We’ll be posting encouraging scriptures and thoughts too – you can expect to see this in time for our Wedding Anniversary later this year.

announcement through a megaphone

But in more news, we’re now on Spotify, Deezer, Stitcher and other Podcast providers – so you can listen to Andy B’s 2 Minute Video Vlogs, his #GoDeeper talks from Endurance, and, of courses, the Marriage Matters chats too.

We’re now uploading a transcript for each of Andy B’s 2 minute videos, #GoDeeper talks, and Endurance episodes – so you can read what we’re saying, or follow along with closed captions/subtitles.

So, lots going on!

Could we ask you to consider supporting what we’re doing – and also planning to do – in prayer. We truly believe that God’s plan for marriage is an amazing one, and our intention is simply to celebrate God’s biblical design, which we live out ourselves, to inspire and encourage other couples in their own marriages, whether they’re soon to be married, already married, or have been married for many years.

Could we also ask you to prayerfully consider supporting our work financially, via our Patreon page? We’re not ones for asking for money, and everything we do is free – and will always will be.

But there are costs to what we do, and the Podcasts will be an extra cost we’ll be paying out for, but a cost which we also feel is more worth while making – to get the message out as far as possible.


Andy B, Jo Jo and the boys


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  1. I tend to use Apple podcasts… Can your podcast be found on there? Thanks

    1. It will be soon – Tuesday, God willing 🙂

      I only managed to get set up with four podcast providers yesterday afternoon starting the process properly.

      Apple was a little more complex…I’m half way there with them, but now need to verify something different to finish off

      1. Excellent, thank you. I will listen out for it!

        1. Monday is a complete day off for us, so will be back on it all on Tuesday


          we’re now apple iTunes

          the MOST complex, by far. still, all done now 🙂

          1. Fabulous, thank you. I will go and look for that now!

          2. could you let us know if it works?

            i’m still learning podcast stuff, so I’ve only, so far, uploaded my daily vlogs, which are all under 3 minutes

          3. I could not find it when I searched for it, but was able to locate it and download when I used to link in the comments above. It may just take a few days for everything to update. But looks to be working!

          4. it says it can take several hours or days to sort itself out – i only just signed up with apple this afternoon…as i say, this podcast stuff is new to me…

          5. dumb question………….could you tell me if it sounds ok (audio wise)? – just curious

          6. I certainly will… When I’ve had a listen I will let you know!

          7. Thank you kindly

          8. I have listened to a few of the episodes, and the audio is nice and clear. I’m no expert of course, but to my untrained ear it sounded perfect to me!

          9. Thanks Andy. That’s kind of you,band we really appreciate it

            I’ll be uploading some longer talks this week…

          10. I will look forward to them

          11. Fab – will keep you posted.

            I’ll be uploading them over the next couple of days…only have 300 minutes of storage until I start paying for it…have to take it slowly just now…

          12. #GoDeeper episodes are now uploaded (just the 6 for now from our current series of Endurance).

    2. Over time my #GoDeeper talks will be on there (10ish minutes each), my 2 minute video vlogs (no more than 2m59s) and the reason for the podcast in the first place, our Marriage Matters podcast starting in the autumn (still developing that at present)

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