A Brief Pause with Andy B, 04.10.2022

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You can’t know what you don’t know.

So, if someone seems lost, give them the benefit of the doubt and be willing to lead by example.

78. A Brief Pause with Andy B, 04.10.2022Andy B

It’s good to check in with God during the day, so take a brief pause every hour or so and reflect on this quote/image.

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  1. davidsdailydose

    04/10/2022 at 12:06

    This is spot on. I work in a large elementary school, with 1300 students and over 100 faculty and staff. With this many people interacting and working together each day, there are bound to be some who are struggling with something few people even know about. This is why it’s so important to extend grace to others—like God extends to us. Amen, brother!

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