A Brief Pause with Andy B, 20.07.2022

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Don’t mistake age for wisdom. The one does not necessarily grow with the other!

Andy B

40. Don’t mistake age for wisdom. The one does not necessarily grow with the other!It’s good to check in with God during the day, so take a brief pause every hour or so and reflect on this quote/image.

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  1. Blue Collar Theologian

    20/07/2022 at 23:45

    This is so true, Andy! My mom and I were talking about that just because people are growing in knowledge (Dan 12:4) doesn’t mean they’re growing in wisdom.
    In fact, it seems society is decreasing in wisdom. I’m glad to see you have your next 4 posts scheduled, I wish I operated like that!!!!

    • The BerryBunch

      20/07/2022 at 23:57

      These little images are a tad easier to create. They’re simply quotes I’ve typed, from conversations I’ve had, or scripture verses that stick out at me.

      I pray about the images that accompany the words lot too…

      Society devalues experience far too readily. And we do so at our peril!

      Younger and newer does not equate to better.

      A story I heard was of the new diesel trains, as they took over from steam trains – here in the UK

      The old drivers were mocked and ridiculed with their old fashioned engines and methods.

      But the new diesel train drivers couldn’t get the brand new diesel train to move when it was icy. Not a problem the steam locomotive drivers had experienced trouble with…

      A driver from a steam engine fitted an odd looking box over the drive wheels, that he took out of an old relic of an engine she’d.

      He fitted a bit of string, which pulled a lever, and that in turn allowed grit to fall out onto that drive wheels, so the train could move.

      The new diesel trian drivers were surprised he could help them.

      But he had experience they didn’t and a solution which was not old fashioned, just practical and super simple.

      That story was told to me by an old train driver. It sticks in my mind and reminds me that just because we can do something, doesn’t mean to say we should.

      Also, that in God’s family the old are equally valuable as the young

        • Blue Collar Theologian

          21/07/2022 at 00:38

          And I mean that in all areas of life whether it be in Bible interpretations or healthcare practices, to the car I drive. Satan is deceiving people with newer, better, faster. There is a tension between reliable and outdated. Godly Wisdom is truly needed!!! Wise people seek wise people and I am thankful that God has led our paths to journey together!!!!

          • The BerryBunch

            21/07/2022 at 09:07

            I totally agree with you

            one example that jumps off the page at me is Land Rover cars

            many are still going, some 20, 30, 40 years later. their carbon footprint is miniscule, due to a a very large base of ‘fans’ if i may use that word

            and yet we’re pushed toward buying electric cars, which power grids can’t handle and which create ever more strain on slave labour than other stuff

            it may help reduce emissions locally, in the short term, but it isn’t a solution, overall, and creates much more carob – the all important measure these days (I think there are better ways of measuring things, personally and I don’t think God cares quite as much for our planet as we do…since He is after hearts, not rocks for heaven)

            and, yes, God has put some incredible people in front of me over the past year or so via our website, social media and, in particular, wordpress. including you, David’s Daily Dose, Lessons from a Lab – and that’s just the American contingent 🙂on WordPress

            We are blessed!

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