Advent Calendars

Sometimes, the best things can come out of necessity: “Necessity breeds invention”.

Well, like many other parents, we’ve struggled to find or obtain an advent calendar for this year. We saw some through November, but that felt a little early.

And, this year, we’ve done what we’ve talked about for years.

Due to necessity, we were forced to get creative – and make our own advent calendars.

And we’re pretty chuffed with them.

So, using some BerryBunch ingenuity, mini envelopes, push pins, felt pen, tinsel and a cork backed notice board, we made our own, BerryBunch Advent Calendar – filled with large chocolate buttons (one for each of us each day).

We don’t want to go back now, so 2020, for all its frustrations and restrictions has, once more, enabled us to get creative and find a new solution!

The finished effort

Advent Calendar, 2020
Advent Calendar, 2020

24 mini envelopes we found in a local stationary shop.

We filled each envelope with a family favourite (large buttons), with a mini peg on each push pin.

Tinsel was attached around it to make it more festive.

Close up of the daily envelope

Advent Calendar, 2020
Advent Calendar, 2020

Close up of the rear of an envelope

Advent Calendar, 2020
Advent Calendar, 2020

We found some Seasonal glitter tags which we stapled on the rear of each envelope, so when an envelope has been raided for its contents, the image gradually changes over the month of December.

This one is definitely a keeper – although I’m looking forward to getting my notice board back for the New Year.

Next year, we’ll do the same! Wonder what chocolate will be favourite at the end of 2021…………………..

The BerryBunch

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