ADVENT: Christmas Symbols – Santa

Joanne led this advent bible study  a few days ago as follows:

  1. Prayer
  2. Bible Reading: Matthew 2:1-11
  3. Music video: Rend Collective – Joy to the world: As people watched the video – they were to think about the symbols of christmas seen and share at the end.


4. Activity: What Christmas symbols did you see?

5. Read some of article about Santa:

6. Video Clip: Arthur Christmas:

7. Discussion: What do we think of Christians celebrating/ using Santa Claus?

8. Conclusion: Santa is good and Santa is bad! If we think Santa is good it’s because we find mystery and magic in Christmas and we appreciate that Santa has historical roots from a real person called St Nicolas – It’s great on Arther Christmas that at the start there is a gallery of photos of Santa through the generations and starts with St Nicolas. We also love the idea of a generous person who is in charge and there is a message of Christmas in this somewhere. On the other hand, we can feel that Santa is not good, then that’s because he’s been commercialised and has become a distraction to Jesus. Also, the moral based record keeping – the naughty list is not biblical and therefore not very Christmasy!

9. Christmas Song: Chris Tomlin/ Lauren Daigle – Noel:

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