Adventures in the Book of Acts

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Reading the last two chapters of Acts – 27 & 28 – was like reading an adventure story. The events in the verses today could be made into a film, it’s amazing!

In Acts 27, Paul sails for Rome, there’s a bad storm and he and all passengers – 166 of them are all shipwrecked. Paul had warned the crew not to set sail, but they didn’t listen. Then Paul was visited by an angel during the storm and so Paul told the crew that as long as everyone stayed on board no one would die, but they would be shipwrecked on an island.

In Chapter 28, Paul and all the others on the ship escaped safely to shore; to the island of Malta. Here, Paul was bitten by a deadly snake with no side effects, like death, cool! And they are well looked after by the locals who provide for all their needs and showered them with gifts after Paul prayed for a number of the islanders and they were healed.

When Paul eventually gets to Rome, he is allowed to live where he wants but under house arrest. Paul lived for two years in rented accommodation and spoke with boldness about the Kingdom of God and about the Lord Jesus Christ and in this time it would seem that no one tried to stop him, for a change!

God certainly turned things around and answered Paul’s prayers. He is the same God then as He is today.

I have been encouraged to trust God as He has it all under His control and I am reminded of the power of prayer!


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