Andy B 2 Minute Video, Car Wheels and Realignment, S1, E11

During our morning Church Service today there was lots of talk of God lighting up the path ahead of us; of how He illuminates the next part of the road that we need to drive along and how, as we move into that next stretch, God then lights up the next part and so on.

This reminded me about a time, recently, when we had to get the wheels on our car realigned. They simply were not all pointing in the same direction

Over time this ruins your tyres and the ride of your car. The steering wheel can feel quite heavy and the ride of the car, especially at higher speeds, can become quite uncomfortable!

Which got me thinking about where in my life God might want to do some realigning, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Andy B

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Another Andy B 2 Minute Video.

So, this morning, during church, they were talking about cars, and talking about lights, and how God lights the next part of our path,. And we go along, then God lights the next part,.

Erm, and it got me thinking about our own car. And, recently, we had to get the wheels realigned. They were out of alignment.

So, the 4 wheels looked as though they were going in the right direction, to the naked eye, but really they weren’t. Erm, and they used lasers, and they put lasers on the wheels, and they made sure the steering wheel was straight, and they made sure that the wheels pointing straight.

Over time, as you go over a bump, your car becomes unaligned, or misaligned, whatever the right word is. Erm, so, over time it gets more and more so the wheels are, they’re steering towards each other, or away from each other. And it just creates a real nightmare. Eventually, if you leave it unchecked for too long, your car’s kind of bouncing along, if you’re going faster, and you’re what tyres are wearing quicker, your fuel economy just disappears, and it’s not great. It’s not a good ride!

So, erm, we got our car realigned. And when we took it in the steering wheel was slightly to the side, and the wheels looked OK, but they really weren’t. And they got it on the ramp, put it up there, and the mechanic was underneath, and they were sorting out the tracking arms, and getting all 4 wheels pointing in exactly the same direction with the car, with the steering wheel. 

Which means the next time we drive it, it’s lighter on the steering wheel. And it’s much easier to control on the road.

And it got me thinking about being re-aligned with God, which is a phrase I quite often use. Because over time little knocks come along, and we just get a little bit more, more, more, piece by piece, moment by moment, off centre from God.

We’re not quite walking with Him as we should.

And it struck me, as we were talking this morning, and I thought about fog, and, ‘cos they mentioned fog, and driving in the fog. If you’ve got too much light, you can’t see. Too little light. You can’t see you need the right amount of light.

We need to allow the Holy Spirit to come into our lives, put us on the ramp, which makes us a little bit vulnerable.

And then God starts, through the power of the Holy Spirit, and His comforting, amazing work. He realigns us, so that our wheels are pointing where God wants us to go. So we’re not bouncing around all over the place, but we’re going straight with God.

So my little, Andy, liddle 2 Minute Video this morning is just getting us thinking, where is God wanting to realign us.

And will we trust Him to put us on His ramp, with the power of the Holy Spirit, the most amazing mechanic, the Designer and Creator of us, and get our wheels realigned.

That’s it.

It’s thirsty work making stuff for the Berry Bunch Ministry. Do you want to Buy Me A Coffee?

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