S04E012, Baking Trays, Yorkies and Spiritual Growth, Andy B 2 Minute Video

Avatar Andy B | 23/09/2021

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Andy B loves his kitchen, and he loves kitchen shops, or departments with cooking equipment in them.

For ages now, he has been trying to make Yorkshire Puddings, using his super cheap cupcake baking tray.

In one way it is perfectly functional – it has a number of bowl like shapes, that help Yorkshire Puddings grow into the right shape as they cook. But, on the other hand, it is super cheap, ultra thin metal, and has the non-stick ability of super glue!

So, Andy B finally invested in new baking trays to make his Yorkshire Puddings. And now, everything is all golden!

And if you’re not sure what a Yorkshire Pudding is, think pancake batter, but baked in an oven, rather than on a frying pan.

So what do Yorkies and Spiritual growth have in common? Well, as usual, breaks out his trusty crowbar to make them fit together, and finds they fit together really, rather, well!

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video. Erm, and, in this one I've got two baking trays in front of me. I've got this one, which is a, it's got 12 little bowl like shapes. It's really designed for cooking cupcakes in the oven. And I've just bought meself a Yorkshire pudding tray, 4  slightly larger holes, littler bowl shaped things specifically for the purpose of cooking Yorkshire Puddings.

Now, as a family, we like Yorkshire puddings. If you're not sure what a Yorkshire Pudding is, well, it's kind of like a pancake batter, some plain flour, eggs, milk, and you mix it up, you stick it in the oven and you get a Yorkshire pudding. 

Erm, but I've been trying to use this cupcake tray and, what I found is, it really doesn't do a very good job. It's a very thin grade of metal. Er, it's the wrong kind of size and shape, really for what we're trying to do. And when I've made my Yorkshire puddings in there, they stick really, really badly to the tray. In fact, the last time I tried it, it took me 2 days of soaking, and cleaning, to get all the Yorkshire Pudding batter, that had burned onto the tray, off the tray.

With my new trays, I get very excited about cooking things, as you will know by now, but with my new trays it's really easy. Last night, first time I made the Yorkshire puddings. They cooked beautifully. They came out really, really well. There's no great skill involved, but having the right equipment certainly helped!

But this got me thinking about our spiritual lives and our spiritual journeys. And as Christians, as disciples of Jesus Christ, our goal is always going to be to change, to become, more like Jesus Christ, to have more of Jesus Christ in us.

But sometimes we can get into this mindset that well, God made me this way, therefore, I've got to make this work, because that's how God made me, and I don't want to insult God, so I'm going to make this work.

And God is there, patiently, as ever, saying, if you can let go of that thing I've got something much better over here for you.

Now I'm not referring to the prosperity gospel idea, of a Ferrari and a better house. That's not what we're talking about. Prosperity gospel? Simply nothing biblical about that whatsoever.

But God does want to bless us with amazing things, for His Kingdom. Which is really the key, and the point.

Now, perhaps, we're trying to make this cupcake tray of our emotional life work. We're trying to work with it, and force it to work, and we're doing all this stuff. Bu, but God just wants us to use a better tray that's better for the job.

So, where in your life is God asking you to surrender some part of you that you're trying desperately to make work? That's  tiring you out and exhausting you and God's simply saying 'let it go', I've got something much better for you, right over here, let go of that cupcake tray. and I've got a Yorkshire Pudding tray for you.

Because when we're trying to think about working for God, serving God, building His Kingdom, what is God asking us to do?

He will equip us, and resource us, for His purpose, for His Kingdom, to make us more like Jesus Christ.

So, where is God asking you to surrender something so you can become more like Him?

Just a thought.

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