Andy B, 2 minute video, Bananas, Eggs And Corn On The Cob, S1, E2

We can get so busy trying to find solutions, when God already has one.

Andy B uses a banana, egg and corn on the cob to look at how God plans ahead for us.

Andy B

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So another quick two minute video from me Andy B. Genesis chapter 1, verse 11. Then God said, let the earth produce vegetation, seed bearing plants, fruit trees on the earth, bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds.

The great thing about Genesis which excites me all of the time is that Genesis is God creating the heavens and the earth.

He speaks the earth into its being, and he forms us with his hands, not talking about that. So I had a thought. Bananas, eggs, corn on the cob, not the sentence you’d here, so, COVID, quarantine, dirt stuff everything’s a nightmare.

Corn on the cob got an egg which is my egg and we got some bananas. And what’s struck me was a long time ago I did some drilling, industrial drilling and we drilled through 25 year old waste from houses in Edinburgh. Really really sick?

Not gonna to describe what I saw, smelt and had to deal with, but I’d learned about plastic packets that you can eat with your gloves on.

Today, corn on the cob, we bought this from the supermarket. Now we wash everything. It goes into quarantine and we wash it.

Great thing about corn on the cob is it comes God’s made this COVID friendly ’cause you can get it home with clean hands

You can take all these end covers off and you’ve got inside the most perfect vegetable in the world. Corn on the cob.

It comes COVID happily free, bananas come in a wrapping already. All you gotta do is take it out the wrapper, and you got something that is completely safe free of germs.

Eggs, brilliant little thing in a in a shell it comes prewrapped, So often we’re thinking about these complicated ways of what we can do, but God’s already made it for us.

He spoke it into being 6, 7 thousand years ago. Eggs. He made them so that we didn’t have to worry about Covid being on our food. He made bananas with stuff on the outside. The skin don’t wanna eat it it’s not very nice.

And all these things God’s put in place for us. Sometimes I think in life we’re trying really, really hard to to come up with really complicated ways. It’s a great thing by Lee Evans. Don’t necessarily recommend his language.

Lee Evans did a brilliant joke about we’ve we’ve got these PDAs and we can write in our handwriting on our phones. Well we used to do that with pens and paper.

A bit like this so you know his joke is billions of years of of evolution, which we don’t believe in. All this stuff.

And we we have it in the 1st place and now we can do what we originally did. Plastic packaging. What have we got bananas that come COVID safe?

Eggs COVID safe. Corn on the Cob, perfect vegetable COVID safe. Sometimes there’s a simple solution. Let’s not look for the complicated ones.

Sometimes the simplest things are right in front of our faces. I’m Andy B and this is just a quick 2 minute video thought on something that God’s just struck me with. Have a great rest of your day.

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