You can Listen, Read, or Watch, the video. While chatting with a friend this morning, I was struck by the ease with which we can be driven along by life, when we really should be resisting that pressure, and being led instead.

Sure, there can be life issues which pop up in front of us, which we quickly need to deal with, dropping everything in order to do so. There is a rush or life that we need to pay attention to.

However, we should be led not driven, most of the time.

Not one person on the planet enjoys being forced to do something they don’t want to do. If we’re driven to something, then it is not something that tends to be a positive experience.

But, if we can be led somewhere, we are far more likely to enjoy the journey, the experience, and the outcome.

So, while it is good to be flexible rolling with resistance, and practicing to Tuck and Roll as necessary, it shouldn’t be our norm to be driven along by life.

Take moments throughout in your day to make sure you’ve being led, not driven. Develop a mindset that enables you to be more considerate of what God is asking you to do, rather than just what you feel you have no choice but to do.

Just a thought…

Andy B

0:01 So, another Andy B 2 Minute Video and I was having a conversation with a friend of mine over in Nigeria this morning. And he was talking about something he was going to be doing. And he wasn't very comfortable. And he wasn't sure, and all this sort of stuff. And we recognise that don't we?

0:17 We can have these great ideas, really good ideas, and people can ask us to do things. We've got our own thoughts and feelings and, and yet, sometimes we can feel driven to doing things that perhaps we oughtn't to be doing. And it's something that he was talking about. It's something that I said. You need to be led, not driven. And I think that's really true. And it's really easy to be driven along through life.

0:45 When difficulties come it's really simple to be sucked in by it, It's really easy to not take a step back, not to take that little pause to think, what is it I need to be doing here? What do I need to do, as opposed to what am I being forced to do?

1:04 Because if we're forcing people, or being forced, you don't get the best results. And that includes for our own selves. If you're looking after your own diary. By that I mean, you, you control the work that you do, or when you do it. It's easy to squash loads of stuff into a diary just because we can. Or we think it's really important. Or it matters. But, actually, we need to make sure that we're being led, not driven. Which simply means that life isn't forcing us along all the time.

1:35 There's always going to be stuff that comes along. We have to respond. And we have to jump, and run, and get things sorted. But for the main part, we need to make sure that in all that we're doing, we're not being driven by life, but we're being led, by what God is asking us to do, and then we'll have peace. We'll have all the energy we need to do whatever He's asking us to do for Him.

1:56 So be led, not driven.

2:01 Just a thought.

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