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It’s been a while since a couple of things happened.

The first is Andy seeing his own face, without a beard. The second is filming any new material for the BerryBunch.

With a house move completed successfully, and the BerryBunch Studio, Mk. 3 up and running, and Andy was stroking his beard and pondering how he had arrived at a place where he could actually stroke his own beard!!

Growth can be messy, just like growing a beard. But without the mess, it’s hard to really grow.

Just a thought...

Andy B

So, another Andy B, 2 Minute Video, and I'm doing this one from our brand new studio, the BerryBunch Mark 3 studio.

So, we've moved house and we've been offline for a few weeks, I suppose, from, from making these videos and stuff, which I really, really miss doing.

But, here's Andy B's 2 Minute Video. And it's all about my beard. Which is now, basically, eight weeks old. And these bits at the bottom, which he might be able to just about, see, that's eight weeks of beard growth.

And, as I was looking at my bed the other day my wife, beautifully commented that perhaps I need a little bit of a trim, because it's getting a bit wild and messy, I think we're her words. Certainly sounds like Jo Jo, and it got me thinking about our spiritual growth.

Because I'm trying to grow this beard out. I'm trying to do the best I can. I'm having to grow a beard, because I'm not shaving, because I'm now on blood thinners.

And two thoughts.

One. If I look backwards, 8weeks, I was in hospital, in a Cardiology Ward. I'd had an issue with my heart. Coming out of there I had medication. And, one of the things they said was that the fastest route for a man, to get to hospital, with blood thinners, is to have a shave. So, we made this decision that I was not going to shave anymore, as a family. It was, it was a joint decision. And I'm kind of getting used to it. Didn't really like beards before.

But, there's two ways of looking at that date, 8 weeks ago. One is, 8weeks ago, I was in hospital and it really wasn't a good time.

Or, 8 weeks ago, I was in hospital and look at me now! I'm healthy. And I'm fitter. And I'm doing okay, and the meds are working.

Which got me thinking about this growth stuff. Because when we're trying to grow as people, whether it's our spiritual growth, maybe you're trying to grow in your exercise, or in your work, or your relationships. And we try and do this growth stuff. We're trying to improve things and make it better.

But, here's the problem.

As we grow, stuff gets messy, just like my beard. A week ago, it was a bit unruly, and I've now trimmed the, the, the face part of my beard. And the bottom bit is, I'm trying to grow out. So, this is a mess. This is a bit tidier. And that's life, isn't it!

When we're trying to improve and grow, there's this period of growth that comes. But there's also this really messy part where you've got hair sticking out all over the place, as you're trying to grow your beard.

And, whatever we're trying to develop and grow in our life, there's always gonna be some mess. So, my Andy B video, is really, really simple.

Two things. When you've got a date in the sand that looks a little bit scary, like my, my, my stay in a Cardiology Ward, you can look back and think, 8 weeks ago, I was in hospital that was really bad. Or you can think 8 weeks ago I was in hospital, I've been out of hospital now for 8 weeks. Depends how you want to look at it. Perspective matters!

And the second thing is, when you're trying to grow something, perhaps it's your beard, if you're like me, it's gonna get messy. But, that mess, is part of the growth. And you've got to get through the messy stuff to get to the really neat stuff.

So, this part of my face is now looking quite neat.

This part of my face, not so neat but I'm trying to grow it out. So, it's gonna be messy. And growth can be quite messy!

So, don't be afraid of the mess!

Think about an extension in the house or whatever. You're going to make a mess to make it look better. It's the same thing with a beard and so many areas of our life.

If we're going to grow, we're gonna have to make some mess. So, don't be afraid of the mess. Mess can be a really good thing! It gives you an opportunity to see things slightly differently.

And look at your perspectives. How are you looking backward at something that wasn't so good? Is it eight weeks ago that bad thing happened? Or, I haven't had that bad thing for eight weeks now.

Depends on your perspective.

Just a thought

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Written by The BerryBunch


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  1. Alan Kearns

    02/02/2022 at 20:30

    I am good at making a mess…it comes naturally! But praise God who can take my mess and trim it to serve His purpose. Thank you for this timely reminder Andy, God bless you and the family.

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