S01E006, Booster Seats and Blockages, Andy B 2 Minute Video

Avatar Andy B | 23/11/2020

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In this 2 Minute Video, Andy B looks at a blow up booster seat that's destined for the bin.

It's kept Peter safe in the car when we're driving, and us legal.

But if it doesn't work, it is pointless, dangerous and needs replacing. Until it is no longer needed. Then, whether it works or not, it isn't needed.

Andy B explores what areas of our lives may need booster seats, and where those things that once helped us, maybe don't anymore.

Andy B

So it's time for another Andy B's 2 minute video. Real quick, this is something I just wanted to talk about it.

It struck me. This is a booster seat that we had for our youngest lad, Peter, who's now tall enough he doesn't need one.

And it struck me because this, this is one we got. You can actually blow this up so it's the right size for us personally.

It was really good 'cause the distance is really narrow, so when you're trying to get it in between two big lads in the back of the car it fits. So this was perfect.

It's our second one. It's not lasted brilliantly, I'll be honest. We went to replace it again and discovered Peter was actually tall enough.

He doesn't need to have a booster seat. And it got me thinking about things that boost us in life a little bit a bit like this seat

If you need a booster seat, you need to use one and have one and sit on one in the UK.

You need to be 12 or more or 135 centimetres or more. You don't need a booster seat.

Peter is now 145 centimetres, so doesn't need one, but if you do need a booster seat, you've got to sit on one, but this is a blow up one you you blow up on this.

And the problem is it doesn't work anymore 'cause it's got a hole in it. So you blow it up, the air goes out and it's no good.

If you need a booster seat, you need it to work.

But if you don't need a booster seat, there's not much point in sitting on one, and this is what I was thinking about today.

If you're struggling through some stuff in life, you're thinking well, do you know what? I think I need some help.

Maybe you do. We all do. We all got some things that get us through through some difficulties. And for Peter for sitting in the car safely, we had one of these and it was brilliant.

But now it's not needed, so there's no point in him sitting on it beyond when he needs to have it.

But when we need to have the help, we need to actually have it functioning.

So a broken booster seat's pointless, so we now put it in the bin as we don't need it and it doesn't work.

But have we got things in our life that we're relying upon that we think well we'll use this 'cause it's really, really important?

But actually it's broken. Actually the thing that we're relying upon doesn't help us like we think it should. Just like the booster seat for Peter, it it doesn't work.

We haven't blow it up so often the air comes out. It was still working safely, but we're blowing it up too many times. It's obviously got a leak. It's not something you can fix, so we're getting rid of it.

So where are the booster seats in your life and my life that God wants to say, do you know what you don't need that anymore?

Or maybe there's a booster seat in our life that we do need to have, but we need to make sure it's functioning.

Perhaps it needs to be replaced. Renewing the mind is something the Bible talks about every day. We should be renewing our mind.

Maybe that booster seat is really more Scripture, listening to Scripture, listening to some more sermons, getting some more input into our lives.

So it's a simple question, where's the booster seat in your life that's broken and you need to get rid of it 'cause you don't need it anymore? Or perhaps there's a booster seat that you do need. Get it fixed.

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Written by Andy B


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