S04E018, Boots, Names, Memories and Identity, Andy B 2 Minute Video

Avatar Andy B | 06/10/2021

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There are always things which will blur how people will see us.

Much like my trusty boots, our identity can become confused by the scuffs and dents we all experience in life.

On my boots, they will always be the same brand. But, the name on the side, even though it is bright orange, is showing signs of age – after being used almost every day, all day, for a year.

Look closely and you’ll see it. But half the name is missing.

So how do people know you are? How do people know your identity?

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video and I wonder what your identity is. I wonder how people know your name, or what you are, or who you're related to. How do they identify that?

I've got a pair of boots I bought, erm, a little under a year ago now. And on the side you've got the name of the brand of the boot. And half of it, I noticed this morning, when I was having a quiet time, half of that name is in a bright orange. Well, now that's gone, it's been scuffed off.

They get used everyday, all day. Erm, only have one, one really, really, one pair of shoes that I wear. And it's really good! But half of the name is missing.

Now I still know what that brand is, and if you look really closely, you can probably trace the letters and you can work out the name of the brand.

But, how do people know my identity? Your identity?

As we go through life, and as we become Christians, we get scuffed by life.

We get those things that come along, and they, they kind of mess with where we're trying to get to. And we have scars from life and we have these marks.

If you've ever watched the film Cars, erm, one of the films, Tow Mater, the amazing, erm, pickup truck, gets really upset at the idea of having his dents gotten rid, of because they're memories.

And my boots. I saw the scuffing and thought, yeah, that's memories. I've used those . That's from use! And it's really interesting to think, you know, where have they been? And actually, I've been using those and they're really good.

And how do people know your identity, when some of who we are gets scuffed off by life? Some of it is God knocking it off us as we come, become, more like Him.

And we can find ourselves thinking, well, we don't let go of too much of who we are to God, 'cos we may not recognise who we are, and other people might not recognise us. But the point of being a Christian is not to hang on to who we are. But to hold onto the truth of Jesus Christ, who will make us more like Him.

In which case we will become less of ourselves. We will die to self.

So, where are you looking at your life thinking? Well, that's going a bit scuffed, that I, I, need to, I need to make sure people know who I am, and what I am.

Where is our identity becoming more important of what people think of us? As opposed to what Jesus Christ thinks of us?

My boots are the same brand. Even if that name, thing, falls off completely. Still the same brand. Still the same boot!

So, where is God asking you to become more like Him? But you're clinging onto this thing?

Just a thought.

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