S02E001, Cardboard Cut Outs And Trying Again, Andy B 2 Minute Video,

Avatar The BerryBunch | 19/02/2021

You can Listen, Read, or Watch, the video. When we're recording Jo's Art Videos we mostly do this from directly above, so what she is doing can be most easily seen and followed along with. Andy loves problem solving, so used some leftover cardboard to make a special, unique, bespoke cradle to hold a mobile phone on a mic. stand...........which got him thinking about how God never gives up on us and how we need to keep trying sometimes, even though our first or second attempts really don't go so well. Andy B

Another Andy B 2 minute video.

So, erm, we do recording at home for the BerryBunch stuff, and we, Jo, does, erm, Art Time. And we have a camera that looks down on top of a table and, erm, we've used a webcam for ages, and we're using a mobile phone now, and I was thinking, oh, how do I do it?

So I quite like making stuff and, erm, well, I, I started with some cardboard. And I cut it up and I made it into a shape and it didn't work all that well.

So I ditched that one!

Version 2? That went even worse!

And eventually I got to version three, which looks a bit weird I suppose, but, erm, I'll show you some photos of it in use. But the, the mobile phone sits in top there. The camera points, faces, that way. And I've got a mic stand, and it hangs on the mic stand. So, it hangs, literally, over the top of the Art Time.

Erm, the first version, maybe it kind of worked, but it was a bit flat and I couldn't get the buttons. So I cut these holes in.

The second time I did it, I tried to copy it, but I didn't really score it very well. Went to fold it, all went horribly wrong.

So, we ended up with this, which works, and we've just used it this morning for the first time. Er, mobile phone fits in perfectly!

I've made it wide enough that you can move the phone so that it actually balances, so it's not tilting, so you can get it perfectly still, and flat. And I was quite chuffed with what I ended up doing with a bit of cardboard.

And that got me wondering about, in life, where have we given up? And we've done it once, and it's kind of OK and we do it again? And, oh it's not very good. And a 3rd time, well it's good now.

Although it doesn't look pretty, what I've created actually is really functional. It's brilliant for what we want it to be.

But, where is God wanting us to try again? To take something of what we learned, bring it forwards, and adapt it, and redo it and make it better than it was before.

I've just built a monitor stand for my computer, because I can't use a monitor 'cos it doesn't sit in the right place! So, I got some bits of wood, and I screw them together. Now it's at the right height for my eyes. It's really cool!

But how often do we struggle and strain with stuff that doesn't, really, quite work. And God's there saying 'look, I've got a better plan for you'. In our case, it's a piece of cardboard for a, for a webcam replacement, so a mobile phone sits in the top for Jo's Art videos.

But where is God wanting us to try again? Not to give up. To take something of what we've known, but to make it better 'cos God is the amazing Redeemer.

So where is God wanting to take something you've done, give it to Him and let Him make it ever better.

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