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Avatar Andy B | 07/12/2021

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After a small mishap, when a pair of woollen gloves tried to take on the heat of a tumble dryer, and lost, Andy B started thinking about a much older memory of a very expensive cardigan that suffered the same, inevitable, outcome.

And, much like what happened to those woollen gloves, mistakes happen.

But, with God, the Good News is that we can’t mistake ourselves away from God. Because the very nature of Gods to redeem our mistakes.

Those woollen gloves no longer fit an adult sized hand. But that mistake isn’t a complete failure, as they still fit smaller children.

And, more importantly, they will serve as a permanent reminder that, no matter how big a mistake we think we may have made, God is always there, ready, willing – and very able – to redeem our mistakes, once we go to Him with them and make ourselves right with Him.

Just a thought…

Andy B

So, another Andy B 2 Minute Video.

And I have in my pair, in my hand, some rather teeny, tiny little gloves. If I put that against my hand, you can see that they're quite small.

Yesterday, these fitted on my hand quite well actually. And Peter used them, and they're kind of a bit more his size, a bit of a stretch on mine. However, accidentally they've been through the tumble dryer, which, if you know anything about woollen gloves, you don't tumble dry wool.

Now, a long time ago, when our boys were really small, Jo and I were up in Scotland, and we bought this really expensive, lovely, special wool, cardigan for her. It was beautiful, and patterned, and it was lovely, really expensive. But it was a bit of a treat for the holiday. And she really wanted one of these cardigans, so we bought it, we brought it home.

And then you know how it says read the instructions. I've checked this, I've called this one check with the instructions. But, you can see symbols on the label, or you can read it. Well, this is woollen. And you know, if you've got a tumble dryer, you shouldn't put woollen things in it, because it's going to shrink.

Well, before we got to the tumble dryer, it was actually put in the washing machine at 60 degrees. And it, and it shrank a bit, which wasn't great 'cos it was quite new and quite special from our special holiday. And then I helped out by putting it in the tumble dryer, to further reduce it, so, it would fit on a one year old baby, which he did.

And my handy B Vid today really is, sometimes we need to check with instructions.

Now these gloves, in fairness to the person that put them in, don't have any instructions on them. But if you know much about washing and drying, and you've been around for a while, you know not to tumble dry wool, 'cos it really does shrink.

So, if anyone's got a little baby and they want some gloves, let us know. But, the thing is, we need to check with the instructions. And as Christians, we need to come back to God and say what does the word say? What does the Bible say? What does Scripture teach us about whatever it is we're facing.

And sometimes it's easy not to know. So we ask a pastor. Or we ask a brother or sister in Christ. And we find a concordance, or a dictionary, or something that can search through scripture, and we can find what we need to know.

We need to check with the instructions.

But, here's the thing, even though these have been mistakenly put in a tumble dryer, and they are now a little bit small, they're not useless!

And when we make mistakes, we're not useless, and beyond God's redemption! And I love that.

And these gloves, I think I'm going to keep this a reminder actually, because, when things go wrong, things don't become, we don't become useless to God.

So, if you've made a mistake, don't worry about it.

Get yourself right with God.

Just a thought…

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Written by Andy B


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  1. Alan Kearns

    07/12/2021 at 18:41

    Two for the price of one today! I love bargains….especially from the word of God expounded by a dear brother. I am always thrilled when you take a real life lesson and bring out the spiritual truth in it. Despite the shrunken gloves it is clear you have been reading “The Maker’s Instructions”

    • BerryBunch.family

      07/12/2021 at 19:49

      It is encouraging to be encouraging 🙂

      They only get made when I’m inspired, so it felt good to be back to what I did before ill health had such a dramatic effect!

      Andy B

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