S01E009, Christmas Trees and Good Wrestles, Andy B 2 Minute Video

Avatar Andy B | 05/12/2020

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We often wrestle with God. And this go badly for us - just like it did for Jacob when he had his hip dislocated while having a very non-gentleman-like wrestle with an angel.

But some wrestles are good and God is behind us, encouraging us to press on.

Andy and family bought a Christmas Tree. And to get it Andy B had to wrestle to get the one he wanted - the one at the back.

Andy B

So another Andy B two minute video. This tree, ta-da and some lighting, we got this all done last night.

Jo's been away for a week. She came back and we said, oh, let's do the decorations. We looked at the tree, it's quite small and a bit, bit pathetic. So we decided we'd get a bigger tree this year a real tree and Peter said, "I really want to get it up tonight". So last night we went out we found a tree.

We got it. We brought it home, got some lights up, tinsel, all the other stuff, put the rest of the lights up.

And we brightened up the room next door neighbour says, "oh, I love your lights, thanks". Because we got some more lights in the window, but this tree was a real wrestle.

It was at the back in a cage thing and we couldn't pull it out. It wasn't just a pick it up job.

There were trees in the way, so having said, can I have that tree? They said yeah, that's fine they're all the same cost.

This was just a lot taller, so I wrestled and I pulled all these trees out of the way we were wrestling me and this other guy who was helping me get the tree that we wanted and we were yanking this thing and pulling it up, and it wouldn't go, so we had to pull some other trees out that were a bit smaller and he was fighting with this stuff and trying to get it out, and eventually we got to the tree I wanted to choose, this one.

And we got it out. We pulled it home. Usual fun stuff in the car with it in someone's ear and all the rest of it. But it was good. We got it home. Sawed the bottom off got it in a base. Good to go.

Where are you and I wrestling that we need to persevere? Where is it that God's saying this is the goal, go for it? Where are we wrestling and God's saying, come on, keep going. I'm behind you? Sometimes it's really good when we're wrestling just to surrender to God and say OK, I'm fighting against you God.

Just I submit to you and that's brilliant. And that's sometimes really important and other times we're wrestling and it's a good thing we're trying to understand something or get closer to God.

But the whole image of buying this tree last night was there are things in the way of the goal.

There were trees in the way. There was a cage in the way. There was a bar in the way.

Finally got through that, all that stuff gone to the tree we wanted and it's wedged in by other trees in the cage, so we had to get the smallest one out we can physically wrench out to get this one.

Where are we wrestling and God is wanting us to persevere and to keep going to get to the goal the prize a better relationship with God or whatever it's going to be?

Let's keep wrestling 'cause sometimes it's a really good thing. But let's also stop and pause as we did last night and say do we really want to put this much effort into getting that tree out when there's one in front I can just pick up?

But you know what, it was worth it 'cause it's huge. It's great. Biggest tree we've ever managed to have.

It was the same cost as the other little tiny ones, and we're really happy with it. It's really great. It's warmed up our room and it's great. Where are we wrestling that God wants us to persevere and keep going for the prize He's got for us.

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