S04E019, Cycles, Cycling, and Shaving, Andy B 2 Minute Video

Avatar Andy B | 07/10/2021

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While out and about on a mountain bike ride, Andy B stopped to rest under a tree.

Ok, so there wasn’t much resting due to the rather unexpected low flying helicopters and Andy’s rather excited enjoyment of them.

But, Andy was struck that he hadn’t showered for a few days, nor shaved. Simply because while he’d kept meaning to, things kept stopping him.

He was waiting until his next mountain bike ride, but when that hadn’t happened for a few days, it was becoming rather obvious that he hadn’t shaved.

And in life there are often consequences to those things that we fail to do. Consequences which, just like Andy B’s beard, demonstrate that something hasn’t happened.

Where can you see the fruit of your failures? Keep going!

Just because you didn’t do something you wanted to today, doesn’t mean you’ll fait at again tomorrow.

Andy B

So, another Andy B Two Minute Video. And I'm out on a mountain bike ride today, erm, lots of helicopters about which is quite exciting for me personally. But, hey, that's good.

Erm, but, I need to shave. I need to shower. I've been out for a mountain bike, ride, so, that's not a surprise. But I've been trying to go out for a couple of, 3, days now. Erm, and yesterday, again, I had every intention of going in the morning for a mountain bike ride. And I didn't. Things got in the way of that. It didn't happen.

Well, that's okay. Erm, I've come out today, and that's fine. But I need a shave. And the reason why I need a shave is I didn't shower, because I didn't mountain bike ride and I kept meaning to.

And it got me thinking about how, in life, there's stuff that happens when we're, we're trying to get stuff done.

We're trying to achieve the goal. And do what we're supposed to do. But there's a consequence of failure.

Erm, my failure to cycle, and get out of the house on the mountain bike, is I've now got a beard. Which I need to shave off, again. Every day! Er, it grows quite a lot, which is a bit frustrating. But anyway.

But this got me thinking about those times in life when we try really hard to get stuff done. And there's consequences that we can see. And we start to think 'oh, I'm just a failure'. And 'look at me I'm not getting it', 'I'm not doing it.

And don't give up!

Just because you didn't do some at one day doesn't mean to say you can't do it the next.

I didn't go for a cycle, or, or get a shower yesterday. Kept meaning to, and then it was the morning, and then lunchtime, and then afternoon. I'll do a night ride.

And none of that happened!

So, I woke up today. Still need to shave. Still has a shower. But, at least have gotten a mountain bike ride now, and I'm satisfied with that.

So, don't give up keep going!

What stuff in your life is trying to wear you down. Because you can see where you've failed. You can see the consequences.

Don't give up!

Just keep going!

Just a thought.

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