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Andy B found a great bible reading plan on YouVersion, that led him to 1 Samuel 16, and the account of David killing Goliath.

As amazing as that piece of scripture is, at 58 verses in length, David’s actions with those stones, only takes up 1 little verse.

As amazing as that, Andy B saw an ever greater act of heroism.

So what Goliath are you facing right now? Remember that God is greater than whatever we will face, which is why were told there is no need to be afraid.

God loves us so much, though, that He also tells us what to do when fear gets the upper hand in our minds.

Andy B

So, another Andy B 2 Minute Video vlog.

And I was reading, erm, my Bible this morning, from some notes, from a plan I'm following with YouVersion, the APP, YouVersion.

Er, and, it was looking at David. And we went, went to, er, 1 Samuel Chapter 17. And it's quite a large chapter, as chapters go. It's 58 verses long.

And the David and Goliath, erm, story, is contained within these verses. But David killing Goliath is 1 tiny, little verse, in the midst of 58 verses, which is kind of interesting. And it really struck me!

Erm, a couple of things I wanted to, that I wanted to share reall0.

Erm, Benaiah, you can read of a few chapters later, went on to become, become King David's bodyguard. And there's a lot of similarity between Benaiah and the boy, David that became King David. Because they both killed a lion. That was part of what they did. They both killed Giants. David's was a lot bigger. But Benaiah would have had some respect for David. And David would have had some respect for Benaiah. They'd have respected each other, because, well they've both killed lions. They've attacked lions deliberately with the purpose of killing them.

This isn't some, you know, ridiculous battle, they happened to win. No, no, no! They both chased after lions.

Benaiah chased a lion, into a pit, on a snowy day, and killed it. David would chase after the lion, when it snatched a sheep, kill it and retrieve the lamb or the sheep.

Erm, amazing stuff!

Well this 1 little verses buried in the middle. And the real heroic act isn't actually, for me, today, David killing Goliath. It's amazing. It's astounding. It's, it's phenomenal.

But what really amazes me isn't so much that David kills Goliath. It's the fact that David had already killed Goliath, before he got to the battlefield.

Why do I say that? Because David trusted that God was bigger than whatever he was gonna face.

Davis's biggest nemesis was Goliath, but God's bigger. Therefore, what's the issue?

And that's an attitude that I want to have in my heart. And I really would, er, encourage you to have in your heart.

What are the Goliaths in your life, that God wants you to overcome?

Don't look at the problem. Look at the one that's behind the problem, that's bigger than the problem. That's God.

If God is bigger, then what does it matter what the problem is?

We can name it whatever we want.

Lack of money. Unemployment. Goliath, the Philistine whatever.

God's already bigger!

So the real hero for this, for this account of scripture for me isn't so much David killing Goliath, as good as that is, and it is amazing.

It's the fact that David had already killed Goliath. He'd already slayed him before he got to the battlefield, because he was acting under orders from God. He knew that God was gonna go with him, no mattter what. And the David was going to do what God wanted him to do, for God's Kingdom.

So let's step forward boldly.

Let's slay those goliaths, knowing that God's bigger, and He's already gone ahead of us.

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