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Avatar Andy B | 05/10/2021

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We have a dehumidifier in our home. Because, in our last home, we had horrendous damp, which led to serious problems with mould.

And we were thankful that we were able to get some great advice about which sort of dehumidifier to buy. And so we bought the type we were advised to buy.

And ours really is superb. You set the humidity level you want in your home, which you can find in the manual, and you switch it on. That’s it – other than emptying the tank when it is full of water.

But in life, how do we often decide that we are going to trust the Holy Spirit to guide us in our lives but, just like me and the control panel on our dehumidifier, and keep fiddling with those controls rather than trust the designer who put it all together.

God is a much better designer than the people who designed and manufactured our dehumidifier.

His warranty is eternal, and so why do let ourselves stop trusting Him?

Just a thought…

Andy B

So I'm sitting there earlier on today and I'm having a quiet time, reading, a, the Bible, got a really good friend's devotion. And I'm sitting there communing with God. It was quite good! and the dehumidifier that we have, it's whirring away in the background. 

Erm, and I'm really conscious that, far too often, I'm switching the thing on, and switching it off, and checking the settings. And if you're opening the doors of your house, and the windows, there's no point in running your dehumidifier. It's a waste of money, 'cos all you're going to do is try and dry out the air outside your house. 

So yeah, turn it off!

But, in our last home, erm, we had a really shockingly bad situation with mould, and damp, and rising damp, and damp from the ceilings, and it was really horrendous. So we bought this, erm, dehumidifier for our last house, actually. Erm, just to try and control moisture levels. 

But we actually bought a really good one.

We got some great advice and we bought one where you set the humidity level that you want to have. The manual says 55% is a good one, so we set it to 55%. You switch it on and you walk away. And you only come back to that dehumidifier if you need to empty the, the bucket of water. And it's quite a big one, so we, we, we really don't need to go back to it very very often at all. 

But this got me thinking about our Christian walks. 

When you become a Christian, you switch on your relationship with the Holy Spirit, so to speak. And the Holy Spirit helps you in your life to choose the best path for you. 

Not the easiest paths, but the best paths, so that we can become more like Jesus Christ. But just like the control panel on my dehumidifier, how often do I, well, kind of trust the Holy Spirit and sort of trust God, but end up fiddling with that control panel and trying to make sure, well, is it really the right thing? And it's working a lot. And it should be off by now. And maybe it should be on.

And, actually what I need to do with my dehumidifier is to trust that there's a designer, that's created a really good system, that works really well. Which is why we bought it!

And in the same way, when we become Christians and we switch on our relationship with Jesus Christ, we may have access to the control panel, but we really don't want to mess with it.

Because God's there saying I am the designer! 

I am good! 

I know what I'm doing, so trust me!

Trust that I've got your best intentions at heart!

So, let's trust God with our lives. 

Let's trust him with that control panel, panel of our life. 

Let's not fiddle about with it 'cos we think we know better. And let's trust that Master Designer, who's developed this amazing system, to help us walk the path that He wants us to walk, so we can become more like him. 

Just a thought.

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