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Andy and Jo are fasting for a week, because of some big life decisions coming up in the future, and found themselves waiting for these big changes to occur, before they start really enjoying living life to the full.

Can you relate to this? Waiting for something external to improve before you start enjoying life, and experiencing the joy that a relationship with Jesus Christ gives us?

It’s easy waiting for a better moment to start dieting, or going to the gym. We can wait for the perfect moment until we make the move for a better career, or tackling that unloved garden.

But, tomorrow never comes!

And waiting until the right moment to start something, is more often than not just an excuse not to begin something, rather than a sensible way of approaching something.

Sure, we need to plan what we are hoping to do, and that takes effort and time. But, if you’re anything like every other human being putting something off for another day becomes the excuse to not do something…rather than being a way of making sure we can accomplish that better.

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video and I've called this one Don't Wait To Live.

Now I was chatting with a friend of mine, Andy, erm, and he's had a very similar struggle to something that my wife and I thought about this morning.

We're in a week of fasting and praying to God, and this morning, as we were fasting and praying, I heard very clearly from God, Don't Wait To Live.

And this is where my friend Andy comes in, because he's been having this same struggle for the last year. Well, 'when we get to this place then, then we can start to live, then it'll be different, then it will change'.

And my wife and I, and our family, we've had some difficult times. Not right now! But we're thinking well, when this gets better, and we get to that point, and this changes in our life, then we can do that, and then we can start to live.

But that really isn't the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Jesus didn't die on a cross and rise again three days later, so we can choose to follow him, make him our saviour, so that maybe at some point in the future, when the time is right, we can have a life.

That's not the gospel!

Jesus died and rose again on the cross so we can live today, when we're actually loving Him, when we're following Him, when He is our Lord and Saviour. Not at some distant point in their future, when we can tick box every single single thing, and say, 'yeah, it's all good now, now I can live for God'.

God loves us wherever we are at.

If you're having a brilliant day or the most awful day, God still wants to love you where you're at.

And one of the difficulties in the current world, is we've got a ready-meal culture. We, we want sermons that are perfect, every time, forgetting that the preacher, well he can't get it right every single time. He's gonna make mistakes.

So we look at a video and think oh they've made a mistake, but in a normal context we wouldn't see it that way. Actually, we're used to getting things the same way, and this consistency all the time. And that's brilliant. But then there's real life. And in real life your mouse breaks, when you're trying to use a computer, like happened to me earlier on.

All of a sudden I have to change what I'm doing. It's really frustrating.

But through all of this stuff, and all the turmoil in the world, we can still experience joy!

The Joy of Christ.

The Joy of God in us.

Which means no matter what's going on around us, we can experience joy.

Jeff Lucas put this far better than I ever could. But he talks about how it isn't about being happy that you've got cancer. That's not experiencing joy in your situation. That's ridiculous! He said it much better than that.

But having joy means no matter what's going on around me, I know that Jesus loves me and I can get through this. And actually, I've got a certainty because of my place in heaven, because I've chosen to follow Jesus Christ, and make Him my Lord and Saviour.

So Don't Wait To Live is all about not trying to cram life into a day, but it's about saying don't put off, until some distant point in the future, enjoy the life you have now.

Because whatever you're going through right now, there's gonna be difficult things and there's gonna to be good things.

But whatever is going on, you can still experience joy.

So Don't Wait To Live!

Just a thought.

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Written by Andy B


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