S04E011, Equal Tension and No Wrinkles, Andy B 2 Minute Video

Avatar Andy B | 21/09/2021

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How is the framework of your life and world holding together? Are you leaning to one side, under pressure, distorted by the tensions of life, that you feel pulling you in every, which, way?

We’ve had something of a refresh to our recording studio, here at BerryBunch HQ, and it meant adding some super cheap breakfast stools someone was throwing away – which makes everything more roomy, and easier to set up and adapt around the different recording projects we’re regularly involved with.

But it also gave me a good opportunity to sort something that has been bugging me since we set up.

Much of what we do is filmed in front of a green screen. This enables us to do far more than we otherwise could, changing the background, and mood, to all we do.

But it has never been quite right. Because a green screen needs equal tension applied to all it’s 4 sides. But we only have been ever able to apply tension to 3 sides…which has made filming more complex, as we’re constantly dealing with wrinkles and the shadows they create.

So, Andy B got busy with a little work working, and got buys fixing things!

Andy B

So, Andy B 2 Minute video today, and I'm thinking about tension and wrinkles. Because I'm sitting to you in a slightly refreshed BerryBunch studio.

We managed to pick up some really cheap breakfast stools, that someone was throwing out, which is fantastic. So now we've got a much easier setup for whatever we want to be doing, whether we're doing Little Blessings, or all the other projects that we're working on, Endurance, and these videos, whatever.

But the main work I've been doing today is working on the Green Screen. Now the Green Screen may not be apparent to you. Erm, but behind me is a Green Screen. And the Green screen? We apply on the computer, a nice graphic image, it looks fantastic. We can have loads of backdrops, fantastic! It's really good, we love it!

However, it's been quite hard to make it equally tensioned all the way around the frame. If you can picture for me a football goalpost, a British football goalpost. Or soccer, I suppose, if you're American. And you can imagine you've got the vertical bars, one on each side, and you've got a horizontal bar that joins them together. And you hang the net off it, and you've got basically a rectangle shape. And there's your, your goalpost.

Well, effectively, we've had exactly the same frame for our Green Screen. We've got a bar running across the top horizontally, two vertical bars, and we hang the Green Screen between it, and we pull it.

The problem is we can't tension the bottom of the Green Screen. We can't pull it down. There's no where to hang it on anything, at the bottom.

So what I've done is added some bits of wood. I've stretched these bits of wood out, and I've pushed the base of both vertical stands away from each other. So now, using my spirit level, I've got a perfectly perpendicular, parallel rectangle.

And once I've got that frame, which is perfect, it's really easy to tension the Green Screen.

But how often in life do we find there are tensions, like going to college, praying, going to church, spending time with your friends, going for some exercise, erm, eating sleeping, getting a shower. All these things are tensions. Some of them apply a lot of tension. Some of them a little bit of tension, but they're all pulling us in different ways.

And if we're not careful as Christians we can find ourselves looking slightly distorted with wrinkles, appearing on the fabric of our life. The green screen of my studio has wrinkles. Now it doesn't. Why? Because I've got equal tension that goes all the way around all 4 sides of my, now, perfect, rectangular frame.

And in life we can struggle because sometimes the frame gets distorted, the fabric gets distorted, and we start to get wrinkles and we start to get difficulty.

Let's go to God. Let's come before him. Let's let the Holy Spirit guide us, so we can make sure that the tensions in our life, that always will exist, can be applied equally.

And if we've got the framework, framework right, then the hanging of the fabric and the hanging of our life will be much easier.

Just a thought.

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Written by Andy B


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