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Avatar Andy B | 08/12/2021

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We all have ways of coping with difficulties and stress of life. That goes for the good stuff too.

We, each of us, have ways of processing what comes our way each and every day.

But, sometimes, the daily grind have a negative effect on our ability to cope with the very things we ‘know’ we should be able to easily deal with.

Much like the filters on a car, their function degrades as they do their job until, eventually, the need replacing to keep everything working properly.

Where are you carrying burdens? Where are your body’s physical and emotional filters getting worn out, and you know they need replacing.

God is the expert mechanic – go to Him, and let Him, as the one who designed you as you are, help you deal with those things that you know are simply slowing down your ability to live well.

Just a thought…

Andy B

Another Andy B, 2 Minute Video and yesterday, our car had to go for its yearly MOT.

If you're not sure what an MOT is, you take your car to a special garage, approved by the government, and a special mechanical will come and they will check the basic mechanical function of your car. That it's safe. That the wheels are about to drop off. That it's not chuckin out loads of bad smoke from the exhaust. And they check all these different parts around the car.

Ours passed! Which I'm really happy about!

However, last week, we had a problem with the engine because as we were driving along the motorway, here in the UK, doing 60 and accelerating up to 70 miles an hour, up a hill, five people in the car, and we had a bit of luggage in the back as well. And the car engine started to flutter.

Jo and I immediately looked at each other. We recognise the symptom. Last year, two of our fuel injectors has stopped working. And that was what caused this same sensation. It gets a bit worse over time. So we managed to get home the car was fine. We called the AA man out, who came,. He was great. A local recovery service mechanic. And he looked at the car and he said, well, I've plugged into your computer, and it's not showing any faults. There's nothing wrong with your fuel filter. And there's nothing wrong with your injectors. Therefore, I'm not quite sure what's wrong with the car, but I think it might be the fuel injector.

Spoke to a friend of mine, great army veteran, wonderful mechanic and brilliant friend, and brother in Christ. And he said, Well, it could be the fuel filter. They're really designed very badly. They don't last long at all. Go to the garage ask him. They're really good.

Went to the garage. "I know it's the fuel filter."

And see how this is growing?

"I know it's the fuel filter, because this car? The fuel filter has got a really bad design, it doesn't last very long. All the symptoms you've said could be the injectors. I really doubt it It's gonna be the fueling, the fuel filter"

Checked with our records at home, about the car. Two and a half years ago, the car fuel filter was replaced.

So, we went through the MOT. It passed no problems. We had the oil changed, we had the fuel filter replaced, and the car was great.

Jo and I went straight away to get some diesel. The car was accelerating like we've never known before. It was just easily purring along. Obviously, the fuel filter was clogged up.

In our Christian walks, our fuel filter can get clogged with all the dross, and gross rubbish, from life.

We're tired. We've had an argument at work. Our kids are playing up. Or, where, how we gonna pay for this next bill. Or this is going.

And all this stuff goes on. And it starts to clog the filters. And we're not working very efficiently.

And Jesus Christ, the beautiful Lord and Saviour, He wants to redeem the stuff in our lives. And He wants us to run as we're able to. Not with stuff that slowing us down and making us inefficient for Him.

So, where in your life have you got a fuel filter that needs to be replaced?

Where is it inefficient?

And where is Jesus asking you to have it replaced so that you can work better, and easier, without being so tired, as you surrender these things to him?

Just a thought

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Written by Andy B


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  1. Alan Kearns

    08/12/2021 at 22:49

    Great analogy about filters in our spiritual life. I depend heavily on the filter of the Word of God to keep my spiritual motor firing on all cylinders; if I miss some time in His Word the cylinders don’t spark right and I struggle. Thank you for this devotional thought brother.

    • BerryBunch.family

      08/12/2021 at 22:55

      Thanks Alan. Yes this one got me – we so often filter out things, but with the best will in the world, our filters get clogged over time and we need to go back to God, to be cleaned up.

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