Andy B 2 Minute Video, Frustrations That Shouldn’t Be, S4, E33

Andy’s always been careful with mobiles phones (cell phones) and his current phone has – like so many before it – got a screen protector to protect the phone’s screen from scratches, chips or cracks.

But, ever since he added his current protector, it’s been on a little wonky. Sure, it’s been put on straight, but it just isn’t centred.

Which has irked him quite a bit!

Sometimes things can come along which simply annoy, when they really shouldn’t.

Andy’s been wanting to replace the screen protector ever since he first fitted it, and now he needs to, but is annoyed having to.

So, why do some frustrate us, when they really shouldn’t?

Just a thought…

Andy B

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So, another Andy B, 2 Minute Video, and I’ve been thinking about things that frustrate us. Or, perhaps, they irritate us, when really, we’re just looking at it wrong.

So, on my phone, I’ve got a screen protector. It’s like this glass, plastic cover that you put across the screen so it prevents any scratches from going on to the phone screen itself. The protector, protects, by taking the scratch.

And I’ve got this wonderful little guide, which I’m hoping you can see ok. But, it’s a red rectangle that’s the perfect size for my particular model of phone. You put this onto the phone, you then put the screen protector in the, this basically creates a guide, so it shows you exactly where to get it on the phone. So, when you take this little guide off, this orangey red, box thing, when you look at your phone screen, all around it, it’s lovely and perfectly centred. So it looks great.

Only when I put mine on, it wasn’t on straight. I don’t know quite what I did. I’ve done this quite a few times on different phones. And I’m usually pretty good. But, it’s been bugging me for ages, nearly a year, that my phone screen protector is not in the centre of the phone. It’s just off to one side.

Well I’ve got a crack, or a scratch, that’s quite deep on this protector. And I was getting really irritated by this scratch. “Oh great, now I’m gonna have to change the screen protector”.

But here’s the thing. I’ve wanted to change the screen protector for a year! And, now I finally have to change it, it’s irritating, which is ridiculous, isn’t it?

But, how often in life, have we got these things where it’s not quite right? We’ve used the guide, and we’ve put this thing where it’s supposed to been it doesn’t quite work. And then along comes the opportunity to get it fixed, and we’re annoyed that we have to fix it. When that’s exactly what we wanted to do a year ago.

So, what’s in your life that needs a change, that hasn’t been the way you wanted it? You’ve now been forced to identify it see this to have to do something about it?

Are you going to get irritated by the fact you’ve got to do something, or grateful that now you can. ‘Cos God will always reveal stuff to us. He shines a light on the truth, in order that we can become more like Jesus Christ.

So, where in your life are there things that need to change? God has shone a light on it. You want to change it! Rather than getting irritated with the fact that you have to change it, be glad that you can.

Just a thought

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  1. Are we only allowed to list one frustration?
    Asking for a friend 😉

    1. lol – you and me both…I was already asking for a friend ha ha

      Andy B

      1. We humans are a funny bunch! You just can’t please us sometimes! I can totally relate to the various frustrations, and good illustration – thank you

        1. thanks for your encouragement

          we humans are a VERY funny bunch

  2. An excellent word on frustration Andy and very timely for me. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement. And I especially love it when God speaks to us about something at just the right time for us.

      Andy B

  3. Good point, Andy. Some of our “first world” frustrations would seem frivolous to those who struggle to find adequate food, shelter, and safety. For example, it currently feels like -2 degrees Fahrenheit outside my front 🚪 , yet I’m frustrated that I’m stuck inside today. However, there are others who have no warm home to enjoy.

    1. Such a great point David! Yes, those first world problems do need to be constantly kept in a righteous perspective.

      Andy B

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