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I love taking simple objects and situations and linking up something about God, His creation and more.

I’ve always needed one of my older boys to help record these little videos, or hold the phone with one hand, myself – at arms length – and use the front facing camera (or use a tripod and still have to use that front facing camera!).

This isn’t great when you have a sudden inspiration and you have to wait a few hours until somebody is free to help me record my inspiration.

And the thing is, that front facing camera, on my budget phone, is pretty rubbish, so I’ve been having to borrow my camera loving son to hold the camera – which he enjoys a lot – to keep me in shot.

While he is really happy to help, I wanted to find a way of being able to do this on my own. Because the rear camera is pretty good to record with, even mon my budget smartphone…but I needed to find a way of utilising it, while being able to see what my phone was recording, which I couldn’t do because I was the wrong side of my phone to see it.

If you can’t see what it sees, you end up standing in the wrong place, off to one side, with your head in the wrong place on the screen etc.

So here’s the problem:
How can I see what my phone sees, when it is facing the wrong way, while using that rear facing camera?

I scoured the internet for something to fill the gap I’d found I had. But I don’t even know what this thing might actually be called, but a pretty wide set of internet searches later, and I’d found nothing!

So…a bit of thought, some inspiration, and a couple of visits to my local town centre and I’d bought 2 different mirrors, and for less than £8 (UK): one is a rectangle shape and the other circular, but on a pivoting bracket.

I’d already worked out a round mirror was no help, hence the two mirrors.

Here’s what I ended up using:

  • a bolt, some washers and a nut
  • velcro ties (to secure the hold thing at the right angle)
  • sticky backed velcro squares (hook and loop)
  • a bracket from a circular mirror
  • a large rectangular travel mirror
  • the base from the travel mirror
  • a spare 1/4″ mounting screw

And using these parts, I invented and created a device that enables me to put my camera on a tripod. Simples!

Now I have an adjustable mirror, which pivots, tilts and I can adjust the angle it holds at perfectly, depending on what I want to see and where I’m standing.

Take a look below.

And, if anybody asks, I’ll happily create a video of me reassembling it so you can make your own – I didn’t do this to start with, because I wasn’t sure if anybody would have a need to make their own.

I’m properly chuffed with this. It works great, and doesn’t look weird or odd. In fact, because the rectangle mirror has a black plastic rear, it blends in with the rest of the trop of the stand.

The best bit is that the mirror assembly is held on with a bolt so I can easily remove the whole thing, and transfer it to any other tripod with a 1/4″ mounting bracket – if my phone holder fits, so will my new mirror assembly.

Andy B

  • Andy B Mobile Phone Mirror
    Andy B Mobile Phone Mirror

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