You can Listen, Read, or Watch, the video. While filming some new material I made one small mistake, and gave one file the wrong title. When looking through the files on the computer later, I realised it had caused a whole bunch of files to now appear to be incorrectly labelled.

After spending some time trying to sort it, I realised I really needed a second set of eyes looking at the problem, so called in my middle son – Nathan.

Together we worked out the easiest way of renaming files correctly: sometimes we just need a second opinion – somebody else who can look at the problem and help us sort out a solution.

In our lives it is always good to make ourselves accountable. Feelings can lead us down dead ends in no time, with us wondering what happened and struggling to get out of the mess we’re now in. And this is where getting that second opinion, from a trusted friend who we are safe holding ourselves accountable with, comes into its own.

Due to my own frustration, I was struggling to sort those file names out; y frustration simply added to my own difficulty getting it sorted. Step in someone looking over my shoulder, literally, who could encourage me and affirm the solution I already knew I needed – on this occasion. And it was soon put right.

Those trusted friends can also help us from making a mistake in the first place.

We’re never going to be able to prevent every problem that we see before us. However, if we can avoid a few holes in the road, it’s better for everyone.

So, don’t always feel like you are somehow supposed to cope with every difficulty you face, and ask someone you trust to take a look at what  you’re doing, or wanting to do, and take on board their advice and input.

Just a thought…

Andy B

0:00 Okay so another Andy 2 Minute Video.

0:09 And I was thinking about the other day. Because I was trying to get some recording done for the Berry Bunch. Saturday is a very busy day for us. We do all sorts of things. And one of the things we have to be really careful of is how we name files. How do we record what it is we filmed? So when we come later to edit it, we actually know what we're looking at.

0:30 We've got a video file, we've got an audio file, we mash them together, and you get the video that you're seeing now. Now, I'm doing one video right now. So I've only got one file of each to worry about. It's not particularly complicated! But, on Saturday, Joe, and I did Marriage Matters. So that's actually 16 different files. Eight audio, and eight video, for two different Marriage Matter episodes. And it got a bit complicated. And at the end, I had all these files. I had some that were no good at all. Some were just a few seconds long, something went wrong, we restarted.

1:04 Now on the computer, we can actually type in what it is that the audio file is, 'cos we record the audio straight to the computer. But some of those were no good. And I actually had written the wrong file name down. And it got very, very confusing. So in the end, I had to get Nathan to come along. And I just said Nathan, can you please help me 'cos I'm trying to work out which file is supposed to go with which.

1:25 Now I didn't really make lots of mistakes. I made one mistake. I mis, mistitled one file out of about 25 from Saturday. But that one file threw everything else out, because it didn't make sense and nothing really fitted. And it doesn't take long when you're doing something relatively complicated for things to get really, really complicated. So I got a second opinion, I got Nathan to take a look.

1:50 In our lives as Christians do we do the same? Are we sufficiently accountable that we go to other people and say, How am I doing? What does it look like? Am I Am I getting this right? Am I getting this wrong? What's gone on here? Is this this bad 'cos I've made a bad mistake? Is it bad because bad things happen?

2:09 It's good to get a second opinion. And it's good, in Christian jargon, it's good to be accountable, which means we can have a second opinion. We can say to somebody else that we trust, another brother or sister in Christ, "How am I doing? Is this okay? Am I getting this right?" And I've done that recently with a friend. I said is, am I doing this right? And is what I'm saying? Okay? And he said, Yeah, go for it. And it was the encouragement I needed to continue the path.

2:37 Sometimes it's really worthwhile to get a second opinion.

2:41 As a Christian, it's always worthwhile making yourselves accountable.

2:47 Just a thought.

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