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Whenever Jo needs to be in the office for just a few hours I take the opportunity to take her in. We get some time together, and I can get some shopping done. With 5 of us in the house, there’s always more food shopping to be done!

As a family we’ve been so blessed by two gifts of money, from two very different people, who have wanted to partner with us in what we’re doing. This has been super encouraging, and blow us away – how God speaks to others about what we’re doing, and seeing the action of that relationship they have, themselves with God, responding to a need we’ve prayed about with God.

I do so love God’s family!

One of those gifts was money to buy a camera for our filming. We’ve used web cams, then mobile phones, to film what we do. And, now, we have a proper camera for the job. It’s outstanding, and had been something we’d prayed about for less than a day after we felt a burden to pray for it. The gift giver had a burden to help us with this, even before we had a burden to ask God for it.

The other gift was to partner with us in order to purchase some branded t-shirts. We’d prayed about this a long time ago. Like, many, many months ago. We knew there was no hope of us being able to fund this ourselves, so we simply prayed and left it with God. It was an enormous boost to our morale to have the message, and then the money, to enable us to improve this element of our ministry.

God is good and faithful. So, I can say this – if God has given you something to do, do it with all your heart and trust that God will supply you with everything you will need. It is not, however, going to happen according to your schedule, but God’s!

Just a thought…

Andy B

So, another Andy B 2 Minute Video. And I'm out in the car, you may have guessed. I've come shopping and dropped Jo off, as been our norm sometimes. But I was thinking about the blog that that we run, and the website, and some of the things that we do. And sometimes it can take quite a lot of work. The last few weeks we've had bank holidays, and it's been quite hard, to be honest, to get any material out.

Last Saturday we filmed some stuff. That's going out this weekend, and that was good. But we've been blessed with two things that I wanted to share, which we've kind of spoken of before.

One of those things is somebody has very kindly donated some money, gifted us some money, so that we can buy some T Shirts, some branded T shirts for our filming. So you can expect to see those in the next, ooh about two weeks or so, by the time they come back.

And the other thing somebody's done, someone different, they very kindly gifted us some money to buy a new camera for the studio. So we've got a brand new, much higher end, dedicated camera. Not a mobile phone propped up somewhere. So that's quite good.

But all this has got me thinking about how we approach the things we need to do, and pressures of life. And sometimes the pressures can be quite, can be quite overbearing, can't they? We put some fuel in the car, and it was 100 quid, and that wasn't even a full tank. And, sometimes, life can feel like it's kind of squashing you down, and pushing you down, and you're thinking how am I gonna get to the next week? And all of these things have gone on for us. And it's really good, but it comes with the responsibility in it, which is good. But how do you handle pressure when it comes? Whether it's good or a bad pressure. We had some good pressure. We had some two very different gifts of money. That's good pressure. That means we have to do something, and it's a good thing. We've also had some bad pressure we've had to spend more out on utilities, Gas, Electric, things like that, like many people around the UK, and that's quite tough.

If God's given you a mission to do, do you do that by looking at what money you've got to spend on it? Or do you do that by what you know God's calling you to do?

We know God's called us to live where we live, so we can get on with spending, sort of with peace really. But when gifts come do we take the pressure of that and think oh, what are going to do with this money? I've seen that before with some folks. Or do we think well I'm really blessed by this, let's get keep going.

My Andy B really today is this. There's been some good things are going on. You may have missed my little bearded face for a little while. But we haven't got anywhere. We've just been doing lots of other things. The website's been taking lots of my time up. By the time I've finished that I've got no inspiration left for things like Andy B. So, it's coming, it's good.

Sort of an update, sort of an Andy B. But keep giving to God!. When pressures are coming, and you're not quite sure how to deal with it, give it to God, take it to Him in prayer, and it'll show you what you need to do.

Good or bad pressure, God's got you covered.

Just a thought.

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Written by Andy B


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  1. Alan Kearns

    14/05/2022 at 00:28

    Good subject Andy. Pressure can be good….in His care pressure can serve His will in our life. Remember the tasty things that can be cooked in a pressure cooker!😁

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