S04E027, God’s Wi-Fi And Good Connections, Andy B 2 Minute Video

Avatar Andy B | 14/02/2022

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WiFi networks have become such an important part of all our lives, whether we’re even aware of that fact or not.

It doesn’t matter whether you make use of them – they, just, are!

It can be really tough finding a good network though, so you can ‘get online’. There can be problems with security – with open (and often, free) networks; download speeds determined by location, how many users are logging on and a whole host of other variables.

It can feel, sometimes, just as technically challenging to pray to God too. But it really isn’t.

His network is always secure. It is always ‘up – and never crashes. It has unlimited upload and download speeds, and there is no fair use cap if you use it too much.

And no matter how many users are online at the same time, you can guarantee to be heard.

So, where do you need to take time to pause your day, and spend a little quality time on the only network that you can be sure of?

Andy B

So, another Andy B, 2 Minutes Video, and I was thinking about God's Wi Fi.

I've got a friend, his name is Alan. He lives in Scotland, is a great chap. Check out his blog, Devotional Treasures, it's fantastic.

But, he emailed me the other day, and he had this suggestion about God's WiFi. And he said, Andy, this would make a really good Andy B 2 Minute Video. So, here is God's WiFi as Andy B, 2 Minute Video.

So, what really strikes me about WiFi is, we've just set up a WiFi network in our home. We've just moved house and it's quite hard to find the best location for the router.

We have a mobile phone, or cell phone, reception, so we've got a mast that we have to place somewhere, that feeds the router. The router then provides the WiFi, and we get internet. But trying to get all that to work can be quite complicated.

We used to live in a place where there was no landline provision. If you wanted to have internet, you were, either hoped you could get a signal, or as the rest of us did, you used Radio Broadband. And it literally went from one mast, to an aerial, and you got high speed internet. And that got us on this journey of not using a landline.

But, the thing about a landline is you can get fibre optic, all sorts of amazing high speed internet. But, here, particularly in the UK, if you're using the main provider, then you're probably gonna to be getting all the fast stuff and the last little bit is a copper bit a wire, a normal phone cable. Which means you're not getting the best signal you can.

And we were thinking about the best providers and how God is the best provider. And if the obvious analogy is that WiFi is a bit like prayer, and that God's WiFi connection and network is always good.

But, it's not just about download speeds. It's about quality of signal as well. Because I've had to learn the best way of using this mobile phone router, and mast, it isn't just about download speeds, but, it's also about the quality, and the stability of that connection.

The great news with God is when we're praying to Him, His WiFi is as good as it could ever be. It always functions! It always works! He's got the best upload and download speeds. Infinite. Can't get any better than that. And it's really great.

So, if you're thinking about praying, it was just a thought to try and get you thinking, really, about God's WiFi, and His connection. And the fact that He and His Wi Fi? It beats all other providers.

Just a thought

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Written by Andy B


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  1. davidsdailydose

    15/02/2022 at 02:20

    “It’s just a thought,” as you said. But it could change your life. There is no signal fade between our hearts and a loving God. As an old southern gospel song says, 🎶Central’s never busy…🎶 The lines of communication to the Lord are always open–especially when our hearts are open to Him.

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