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Heat can do funny things to us.

But so can our memories!

How easily can we forget how good we may have been at something, because our failures always shout louder don’t they?

When we’re hot we need to drink more. But Andy B was struggling with the current heat wave until his wife – Jo – reminded him of what he used to be able to do in the heat!

Thank God for great friends who can stand behind us, and wives who can lovingly remind us of the

Andy B

So I don't know where abouts you are in the world, erm, but for my Andy B 2 Minute Video today, erm, I am, erm, sweltering in what we are being told is a heatwave.

Now my good friend Olli, he lives in Nigeria, erm, on a cooler place at the house - he says it's about 35 degrees. Erm, I've already melted by 30 degrees, so, er, way to go Olli for coping through all that cause I wouldn't be able to!

But I said to Jo yesterday, I'm just I'm not coping with the heat I really can't cope.

We're doing all we can. We're drinking lots of fluids, and we've got the windows closed on the side of the house where the sun is, and when the suns gone around the house with an open the window, so we've got the sun, then goes back on to more closed windows 'coz the opposite side - we open those windows.

We're doing all that stuff - we've got fans on, not all the time - just to try and help us to cool down a little bit, by allowing the sweat to evaporate: that's how friends really work, to help us.

Er, and we've done all we can.

But I said to Jo can't cope, and Jo said you can cope! And what she helped me to remember was years ago I used to drive a truck. And the truck I used to drive had a crane on the back, and, er, I used to operate the crane.

And here's the thing. So if you ever see, if you ever get a, a delivery of bricks, or tiles, and you've got, er, you've got someone on the back of a lorry on their crane, have a thought for them.

Because I operated in heat that was 30,35 degrees: I'd still carry on working.

I'd have at least two layers on the top. I'd have a T shirt and I'd have a, a vest, I'd have gloves on, I'd have a hard hat, on trousers, boots, and thick socks for the boots. And I would stand on top of an engine, with the heat of the engine blowing at me, while standing in the sun doing my work. And I've forgotten what I used to be able to cope with.

And isn't that true of life we can forget so easily how good we could be at something, because we're failing at something else.

And I'm not coping with the heat very well, but I used to be able to work in this heat - not that long ago - and get the job done.

And how do we overcome heat exhaustion? Well you try and stay out the sun at the worst times. Erm, certain parts of the world you may well have a siesta, or a nap - in the middle of the day. Here in the UK, that's less of an issue, er, but we just drink more fluids. And you wear a hat, trying protect your head. And you wear sun tan lotion, and you try and wear clothes that are covering you - so you don't get too hot.

And then you get off the back of a lorry into the greenhouse, otherwise known as a cab - no air conditioning: that's too expensive.

Erm, and so then you'd be sweltering in a greenhouse, and I used to work day-in-day-out through the summer and I didn't think about it.

I never complained about it. That was the job and I loved the job to be honest.

But isn't that the case that we forget what God's done for us as well?

We can forget how we were praying really well with God, and, oh I'm never going to get ...

We're so easy to be negative and, and, and self criticise.

Let's have some hope and some peace.

Get a drink of water.

Stick a hat on.

Let's keep going for God and for His Kingdom.

Just a thought.

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Written by The BerryBunch


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