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So I’ve been reading around the feeding of the 5,000 and rewriting it as a story for our online baby and toddler group – Little Blessings Online. It’ll be all about the boy who lost his lunch.

Anyway, one verse really struck out to me – from John’s account of that piece of history.. What John said in verse 15 got me wondering about something…….

Andy B

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So another Andy B 2 minute video. I was just writing a story for our online baby and toddler group, Little blessings online. And we’re looking at the feeding of the 5000, so I was thinking, OK, how can I get into this? And I read Matthew 16 where it pops up in there and in John chapter 6 where it comes up in there as well, and it it really struck me about what what was going on and John had just been beheaded by Herod.

Then Jesus goes away to be alone, ’cause he’s sad and then the feeding of the 5000 happens. It’s within something kind of quite sad, and then we move on from there. In Matthew’s gospel it talks about and walking on water.

And when they saw Jesus, they thought that he was a ghost. He was dead.

Death is kind of all around of us in the middle of these two moments of of of down of dark of death stuff. You’ve got this feeding of the 5000 a well known account of a brilliant piece of history when Jesus was alive.

And it it says this in John’s gospel, perceiving them that they were about to come and take him by force to make him King, Jesus withdrew again to the mountain by himself.

So John’s been beheaded, Jesus is sad, he goes off to mountain nicks a boy’s lunch which is going to be the story I’m writing.

Nicks a boy’s lunch and it feeds 5000 people probably closer to 20,000 people. ’cause 5000 was just the men that were there, plus the women, plus the children.

And what struck me when God does something good, do we lean into that and think yes I’ve done something good for God?

Or do we actually humbly say yeah, God’s done something amazing?

Do we do we lean into it to make us prouder about what we’ve accomplished for God? Or do we step back and let God God’s name be praised?

Do we remain humble? Do we go towards humility or pride? Do we lean in and say yes, I’ve done something great, or do we say, yeah, God’s good?

When things are going well, do we do we lean into that and make ourselves look better and prouder and bigger? Or do we say God’s good God God’s God’s the one that’s done this?

Just a thought that I had so I’d share it in my Andy B’s two minute video.

Let me know your thoughts.

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