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Instructions manuals – they tell us so much, about so many things.

Most of which, of course, we ignore because, well, we don’t need those functions.

Until we do.

Then we wonder where the manual went, or spend endless amounts of time finding out which set of numbers is the model number, so we can find a manual online. Only to find that still isn’t the model number, until we find the actual appliance we have, realise our model number was correct, so why did the website not know about the very thing we’re starting at, right now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever typed in a password that you know is absolutely correct, only to be told you’ve been locked out of that really important - account because you got your password wrong too many times. Even though you knew you were right. Then you go through the process of having to reset your password, retype your original password (the one the computer doesn’t match its records) only to be told you can’t reuse your last password – you know, the one you were just told, moments ago, was not the one it recognised.

So often in life, we get so frustrated when a piece of technology fails to function. Perhaps it was working last time you used it, but now it is nothing more than an expensive paperweight.

Well, the BerryBunch have been having just that sort of entertainment after setting up a new internet router, which was bought because Andy dropped the last one while moving. And it turns our delicate electronic devices don’t enjoy being dropped from a height onto a hard object, like the floor.

Andy B

Andy 0:00
We've recently had to replace the internet router in our home. The last one wasn't working very well. In fairness to it, it was working great, but it got dropped a few times during our move, and then it didn't seem to like being dropped on the floor repeatedly. Who knew!

Andy 0:16
So, we've had to buy a new router.

Andy 0:19
Now we've got an aerial outside, we've talked about this before, and I've set it all up. We've got a new Wi Fi network, with a new username and password, and all that sort of stuff, to go with a new router. And everything's been working.

Andy 0:32
I've gone to everybody's phones, and I set up the Wi-Fi. And, anyway, I've done everything. And then I had the call from one of my sons saying the printer isn't working. And I immediately go in to, 'Oh, great, that's no good. We like that printer, and I really wish it hadn't died.'

Andy 0:47
And you go through some of the usual things, of what's gone wrong, turn it off, turn it on. And then it occurred to me that there was a simple reason why it wasn't working. We'd set up the network perfectly, we had done all the Wi Fi stuff. But we hadn't told the printer to look at the new router. And it's a Wi Fi powered printer. So, although the computer was talking to the router, and the router was talking to the printer the printer actually didn't know it was being spoken to.

Andy 1:13
So, we set the printer and it all worked and now we've got a networked printer! Which is awesome, so we can print to it from a mobile phone or a computer anywhere in the house which is fab.

Andy 1:24
But, how often do we do everything we're supposed to do and it just doesn't work? But, how often is it just not working, because we've missed something really obvious?

Andy 1:36
Maybe we've done this really good thing for God, but we forgot to ask God if He even wanted us to do it. And why haven't we got peace? Why isn't it working? We we did this, it's really good! But it wasn't what God wants it so we haven't got peace.

Andy 1:48
It's an obvious one, but, sometimes you miss the obvious because we've done so many things. We've rushed around, and fixed this, and sorted that, and, and set this up and we haven't actually taken the time to pause, go to God and say, is this what you want me to do, Lord?

Andy 2:05
Just a thought

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Written by Andy B


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  1. Alan Kearns

    24/02/2022 at 19:41

    Excellent point Andy. I know I have been guilty of rushing ahead and doing stuff in my own strength, and it doesn’t work. I should have sought God first to find out what He wanted. But such situations are not lost if we then seek Him, He can use our failure to create something with His Spirit. God bless you brother.


      25/02/2022 at 08:05

      Missing the obvious is so very easy. I think that’s why the devil loves to make so much noise to distract us. But that’s the bulk of what he can do – to seek to distract us.

      Andy B

  2. davidsdailydose

    25/02/2022 at 02:42

    Your video reminds me of the time my neighbor’s car wouldn’t start. We tried everything and finally gave up and called a tow truck. The driver discovered the problem was actually quite simple; the car had no gasoline in the tank. True story!


      25/02/2022 at 08:08

      Lol. Been there – sometimes a fresh perspective can make us feel a bit silly when the obvious has hidden from us.

      It reminds me of the importance of sharing our burdens, because others can help us. I love hoe God can use our experiences to help others; nothing is ever wasted.

      Andy B

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