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There is so much in life that can drag us down and make us give up. But, there is much reason to keep going!

Andy B started a project in September 2021 – writing a book. This is a project a friend had asked him to undertake. And it’s quite a rapid turn around.

But there are so many things that Andy B never got to do.

We all have dreams, hopes and ambitions. And they all can be decimated, or perhaps just deflected.

But God has plans for us as His children. And those plans are to prosper us.

So, if you’ve been putting off something you know God has placed on your heart, and you have a hundred reasons why you couldn’t follow through, or perhaps just the one reason – pick up again and just Keep Going!

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video. And I simply call this one Keep Going. Because, sometimes, things come along in life and they, they push us down, they push us back. We struggle to get done what we were hoping. We have things we want to do things you want to achieve. We've got dreams, goals, ambitions, and, and sometimes they can simply be squashed by life.

Maybe you've had a go at doing some stuff, and it's just gone wrong. Maybe you've had a business that you've started, it's failed and it wasn't your fault. Maybe trying to get fit or exercise. There's all sorts of things we can do all sorts of areas of our life where we can fail.

But my message today is simply this to Keep Going!

There does come a point at which we need do think, wisely, okay, I probably need to take a different tack. But, quite often, I think we stopped before we get to where we hoped to get to. And it's quite frustrating.

But part of my Keep Going Andy B 2 Minute Video, today, is because I hold in my hand, a brand new book, which I've just finished writing. This is a proof copy, which won't have little labels on it saying it's a proof. But this is all about Broken Dreams, and Hope! It's all about keeping going. It's about trusting that God has got that! He's got you!

So maybe you're just a bit down today, and my book is making me very happy because I've worked since September on this A friend asked me to to create this. I have done there's a video that goes with it. There's a podcast that goes with it, episode to accompany this when it gets published, hopefully in a week's time.

But keep going. Don't just give up because things are getting difficult. Keep going. Keep trying, and you'll get there in the end.

Just a thought.

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