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While being the awesome husband I am, I kindly drove jo to work again. It meant I could do some shopping without making a second trip, and we could some time together in the car. She got to have a couple of hours in the office and come home again.

By the time I’d got in the car, Jo had already pressed the button to raise the electric garage.

We drove out the garage and started our journey.

Only, because I didn’t open the garage myself, I didn’t look back to check it was closed as we left the driveway. Thankfully, our oldest spotted the open garage door when he went to put some washing on the line. All was good!

This made me remember of the importance of looking backwards sometimes.

If we always look behind us at where we’ve come from, we’ll never be able to enjoy the journey we’re on now. And we’re likely to fall over or walk into a lamppost!

It’s great to have goals. It’s healthy to have dreams and ambitions and to work towards these righteous things we feel led to do.

But, it’s also good to look back sometimes.

It helps us remember where we’ve come from, and to see how much progress we’ve already made.

It might, also, help us see the gaping hole that should be a closed garage door.

Just a thought…

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video and I was thinking about looking back.

Jo and I went into town earlier. I drove her in, and Jo opened the electric garage, and we drove off, and I didn't close it. I didn't look behind when really I perhaps could have done. And our oldest son Steven, spotted it and closed it, which is great.

But it got me thinking about looking backwards, looking behind us. It's really good to look forwards, and look to where we wanna go. And we can have goals set in the future. And it's also good, sometimes, just to reflect a little bit, look over our shoulder, and see where we actually come from. While it's great to think about where we want to get to, sometimes it's quite encouraging just to have a little look back and think, you know, I've actually come this far.

As I think about our Ministry, for example, I think about two years ago, where we were at. We've put together a Why Easter? package, last year,. It's a video that we spent a bit of, quite a bit of effort on. And we're putting it out again, this year. I've made a bit of a refresh to it.

But it struck me where we were a year ago. We didn't have quite so good video, or quite so good audio. We didn't have the ability to edit the sound quite so well. We didn't have quite so good microphones. So actually, in a year, it's quite nice to replay that old video, a year ago, to see how far we've come.

So, while it's good to look forwards, don't forget to look back sometimes, and see how far you've already come.

Just a thought.

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Written by Andy B


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  1. Alan Kearns

    07/04/2022 at 20:49

    I really like this one Andy cos it made me do what it says in the title…to look back. How many folk do you know who could claim the pandemic has been a blessing? I claim that! It was the the piece of my spiritual jigsaw that brought me closer to God and then I found myself writing devotionals, my first writing for several years. Basically I can look back and see how God guided my life to draw me closer to Him…what a blessing indeed!

  2. seeingliketheeagle

    07/04/2022 at 22:29

    Thanks for this one Andy. It reminded me of an incident at work. My friend’s wife rang him at work in a panic because she thought someone had stolen their garage door. It was operated by remote control and she’d opened it without realising. He almost went home until she rang back. It was so funny.


      07/04/2022 at 23:25

      You’re welcome.

      I’ve heard of land rover bonnets getting nicked…….a garage door would be an interesting one

      Glad it hadn’t been stolen.

      I did have a minor panic today – so glad Steven checked it and closed it!!

      Andy B

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