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Our studio camera is great! The quality is outstanding, and it can even record 4k video should we want to. When setting it up I popped in an SD memory Card I had kept for a while in a drawer. I figured it’d work no problem! But, with the best will in the world, there’s so much data our camera can hold onto while waiting to write data (video) to the memory card in it’s side.

And, as it turns out, that old memory card I reused simply was not up the task at hand because it could have data written onto it at one particular speed. But, since our camera is of good quality, it can write at a much higher speed. But, importantly, it NEEDS to write a much higher speed that our little SD card could cope with which resulted in the camera working harder than it should, getting hot and switching itself off to prevent overheating.

It was working too hard due to an inadequate memory card which, to the naked eye, looked identical.

Once I’d done a quick bit of research and installed a newer version of memory card the problems went away!

In our lives as Christians, do we find ourselves doing something similar? Do we just grab an old memory from our faith and wonder why it simply won’t do what we hoped it might – what it used to do?

As we become more like Jesus Christ; as we develop in our faith; as we mature as Christians we change. And that is the true wonder of a living Christian faith with God – that we don’t finish the same way we started! Thank God for that mercy!!

Rather than relying on old experiences (or old technology) make sure you constantly update your relationship with Jesus. Do that by spending time with God, by reading the bible, by being with other Christians and renewing your mind daily because what seemed ok to you yesterday, may well have changed.

Our memories don’t become invalid with time! But, there are always new experiences to be had with Jesus, so don’t look back only. Look at the present too and you’ll soon spot some differences!

Just a thought…

Andy B

So another Andy B, 2 Minute Video. And you will hopefully have noticed this nice fancy new T Shirt. Someone gifted us some money and we were given it, specifically, for the purpose of purchasing new branded T Shirts, which we've got. And this is the very, very first use of our new branded T Shirt, which is awesome. But this all ties in with something we've been going through as a family, with our ministry.

Because we've done this for 2 years. We've created loads of videos, and posts. It's all resources that you can use in your church, your family, wherever your situation is in life. And it's all there for you to use, for free. And we've been developing this as we go along. We've gone from webcams that we managed to get, to mobile phones to, quite a fancy camera that someone's helped us to buy, which is a real amazing blessing, through a gift they gave us and we've had a gift for these T shirts.

But the camera is a high end camera. It's a really good, proper camera. And we needed an SD card, a little memory card, the little tiny thing that goes inside. And I used one I had in a little drawer. I've got a spare set of memory cards, and USB sticks and I thought, well, that'll do. Plug it in, off we go. And it's fine for photos. And it's fine for videos that are super, super short. What it can't do is, if you try and do what we do, which is videos, maybe 10 to 15 minutes per clip, is it can't cope. The camera was literally overheating. It was flashing red lights saying I can't cope anymore. And it would switch off around four to five minutes. Well, that's rubbish when we're doing 10 to 15 minute video segments.

So I did a bit of research, I bought a brand new SD card, plugged it in, and it's all good. Because the old SD card was too slow. It was not good enough! With a decent camera it wants something decent to write the information to. And it couldn't physically send the data, of the video, to the SD card. It got hot. It overheated. It switched off at four minutes it gave up and said no,I'm going to sleep. Replace the SD card and now it's all good.

In our lives as Christians do we do the same? Do we try and use what's old, and what we knew, our old experiences, to keep living out our faith? Or, do we look for new opportunities to explore our relationship with God? Do we look for new ways of developing it?

As Christians were either moving to God, or we're moving away from Him. There's no standing still there's no pause. Either we're going towards God or we're going away from Him.

Either SD card's gonna work, or it's not. It works in certain situations, but it needed something newer, and faster, and better quality.

Let's keep on pushing our relationships by getting closer to Jesus, new ways of worshipping Him. Let's not just rest our laurels on the old, but look for new ways of understanding the beauty of our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Just a thought.

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Written by Andy B


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  1. Alan Kearns

    24/05/2022 at 00:02

    Excellent…Next stop advertising revenue on the sleeves?
    And yes, our God is alive and always moving in our lives, we too should be open to His guidance into new avenues of working for Him.

  2. Gospelroad#66

    24/05/2022 at 11:15

    Amen brother! I love how you linked the memory card to our memory of faith! Sometimes we need to change it up a bit, God is doing a new thing. God bless brother 😊

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